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(Nov 04, 2020)
re-posting an article from 2017
(Oct 29, 2020)
A mere year-and-a-half late in getting to "Part Two"
(Oct 19, 2020)
Pick 'em
(Oct 16, 2020)
The 97% Baseball version
(Oct 14, 2020)
97% non-baseball, Part 2 is 97% baseball. (Originally written last November, as made clear in graf #1 where I emerge from a movie theater, something I haven't done in quite a while)
(Sep 06, 2020)
Thoughts while bicycling back home
(Aug 31, 2020)
This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but was not, for reasons contained below.
(Aug 16, 2020)
"For Caesar's I am"--a review of Joan Ryan's INTANGIBLES
(Aug 11, 2020)
a counter-historical hypothetical
(Jun 22, 2020)
Or, in the end, NOT formed on this continent
(Jun 20, 2020)
a tracer on an unimpeachably reliable source
(Jun 14, 2020)
A retrospective look at a book we've all read and re-read (plus a bonus trivia quiz)
(Jun 02, 2020)
A tracer of a more personal nature than most
(Jun 01, 2020)
Followup to Joe Pos’s followup on Hosmer’s dash home
(May 29, 2020)
See the Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson, edited by Thomas H. Johnson, ed., Cambridge, Mass.: The Belknap Press of Harvard University press for the literary reference.
There are 166 articles available here.
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