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(Jul 12, 2020)
Re-starting Runs Saved Against Zero
(Jul 07, 2020)
Ever wonder what 60 game projections look like? Mark breaks down the projected leaders across a handful of stats.
(Jul 07, 2020)
Mark takes a closer look at the KBO hitters swinging a big stick.
(Jul 02, 2020)
Running another parallel to unpack defense.
(Jun 27, 2020)
Finally getting back to it....the series continues with the right fielders, sans Aaron, Robinson, Clemente, and Kaline.
(Jun 26, 2020)
Mark takes a closer look at some of the more exciting players who are actually playing baseball right now: NPB stars.
(Jun 25, 2020)
Evaluating two players.
(Jun 23, 2020)
Why, yes, I AM hoping to win the Nobel Prize for this article.
(Jun 22, 2020)
Or, in the end, NOT formed on this continent
(Jun 22, 2020)
Father's Day having past, the author resumes his Death March toward the ultimate pitching and fielding numbers. The main virtue of this installment is that it is short.
(Jun 20, 2020)
a tracer on an unimpeachably reliable source
(Jun 19, 2020)
Re-posting this. . . it was supposed to show up this morning but something went wrong.
(Jun 18, 2020)
Continuing the work re-begun yesterday.
(Jun 17, 2020)
Hi Ho, Hi Ho. It's back to work we go.
(Jun 16, 2020)
Not surprising but the NC Dinos are leading the KBO in DRS. Alex also looks at how defense KBO stacks up to MLB and MiLB.
There are 2304 articles available here.
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