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(Mar 19, 2022)
This happened.
(Mar 17, 2022)
One group was missing from baseball's recent labor dispute. How will that change?
(Mar 16, 2022)
Do players who cut their strikeouts in a season hold on to the lower K rate?
(Mar 08, 2022)
Talkin' Bill James, Neyer, and the Poz.....(say hey, say hey.....)
(Feb 26, 2022)
Looking at an old friend in a different light....
(Feb 21, 2022)
Guest author, Paresh Gupta, returns to analyze whether swinging for the fences at the expense of contact works out differently in Ocrtober than the regular season. Really interesting research!
(Feb 21, 2022)
The Hoops Staff at SIS takes a deeper look at creating opportunities than simply counting assists.
(Feb 07, 2022)
Three memories of an indelible career.
(Feb 06, 2022)
The results are in.....
(Feb 05, 2022)
Responding to a thread in the reader comments
(Jan 23, 2022)
The answer might surprise you.
(Jan 15, 2022)
What can Total Points tell us about the best teams in the NFL?
(Jan 15, 2022)
A novel look at what makes Carlos Correa's defense so special.
(Jan 15, 2022)
Mark uses Bill's Hall of Fame Value score to evaluate a few HoF candidates currently on the outside looking in.
(Jan 13, 2022)
Does the Hall of Fame favor one-team players?
There are 2483 articles available here.
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