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(Jan 15, 2022)
What can Total Points tell us about the best teams in the NFL?
(Jan 15, 2022)
A novel look at what makes Carlos Correa's defense so special.
(Jan 15, 2022)
Mark uses Bill's Hall of Fame Value score to evaluate a few HoF candidates currently on the outside looking in.
(Jan 13, 2022)
Does the Hall of Fame favor one-team players?
(Jan 01, 2022)
The results are in. The two newest members are....
(Dec 26, 2021)
These awards really should be recognized by MLB.
(Dec 18, 2021)
They may not be Hall of Fame pitchers but Huddy and Buehrle were great at their craft.
(Dec 18, 2021)
Say hello to the best fielders in Japan and Korea as recognized by the Sports Info Solutions staff.
(Dec 11, 2021)
The latest installment of an annual Bill James Online member project. Read....participate....and (eventually) vote.
(Dec 05, 2021)
Responding to a "Hey, Bill" question.
(Dec 04, 2021)
Another Handbook excerpt! This time, Alex examines the players most likely to suffer an injury in 2022.​
(Dec 02, 2021)
Projecting the Mets $130 million gamble.
(Nov 25, 2021)
Another "team" concept article, this time introducing "Fibonacci Peakness Number".
(Nov 20, 2021)
The Bill James Handbook '22 excerpt we've all been waiting for.
(Nov 20, 2021)
This is a fun one! Curious who's most likely to reach a significant milestone or hurl a no-no? Sarah's got you covered.
There are 2116 articles available here.
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