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by Bill James
Public Announcement
(Feb 18, 2020)
Logan showcases a few quarterbacks with the potential to be 2020 standout transfers.
(Feb 12, 2020)
In this edition of Stat of the Week, Mark breaks down why Mookie Betts is so valuable defensively.
(Feb 12, 2020)
A polemic on decency in the the shadow of a blockbuster trade.
(Feb 09, 2020)
I hope this was worth waiting for.
(Feb 05, 2020)
The Super Bowl may be over but it's not baseball season yet. Nathan, John, and Mark scout the 2020 NFL draft class.
(Feb 05, 2020)
Acknowledging my mistake.
(Feb 04, 2020)
To snub, or not to snub, that is the question....
(Jan 29, 2020)
This weekend's Super Bowl is shaping up to be a good one. Mark breaks down the matchups most likely to determine the outcome.
(Jan 29, 2020)
Larry Walker reached the top of the mountain in his final year on the ballot. Mark looks at who else might face a similar path to induction.
(Jan 27, 2020)
Only the first 1000 words concern baseball in the strictest sense. After that, the subject ranges from the New Testament to jury duty to Hamlet to Al Sharpton to a poet Bill just Tweet-quoted today
(Jan 17, 2020)
Still no computer, but I can't stop having thoughts.
(Jan 08, 2020)
Paresh breaks down Larry Walker's HoF case and in the process poses an important question about performance and durability.
(Dec 31, 2019)
Finding a standout team from the last ten years.
(Dec 31, 2019)
Mark wishes all Bill James Online readers a Happy New Year with the Fielding Bible All-Decade Team!
(Dec 27, 2019)
John previews the CFP using some of Sports Info Solutions' advanced analytics.
There are 1772 articles available here.
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