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There are 2070 articles available here.
by Bill James
Public Announcement
(Mar 26, 2020)
A look at the SB data.
(Mar 26, 2020)
A lesson on chart design from Bill.
(Mar 25, 2020)
There are players I'll remember....some have gone, and some remain. In my life (you know the rest)....​
(Mar 25, 2020)
Play Ball!
(Mar 24, 2020)
Passed Pitches.
(Mar 23, 2020)
Silly little plays.
(Mar 22, 2020)
Fielding Percentage. Where we going with this?
(Mar 20, 2020)
Continuing the series--I think this is 7.
(Mar 19, 2020)
Sixth article in the series. The ball is in play.
(Mar 18, 2020)
Fifth in the Series
(Mar 17, 2020)
Fourth article in the series, with the best explanation yet of what it is I am trying to do.
(Mar 17, 2020)
Third in the Series
(Mar 15, 2020)
Second article in the series begun yesterday.
(Mar 14, 2020)
I just caught up on my baseball reading this past week
(Mar 14, 2020)
Research into the best and worst team strikeout totals, normalized.
There are 2070 articles available here.
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