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by Bill James
A discussion regarding the nature of statistical analysis.
(Oct 02, 2018)
Title is self-explanatory?
(Oct 01, 2018)
a look backwards, and a little bit forward
(Sep 23, 2018)
Continuing a discussion from Twitter.
(Sep 20, 2018)
Yesterday's research warmed over.
(Sep 19, 2018)
Using minor league DRS, Alex looks at some of the game's best defensive prospects.
(Sep 19, 2018)
Expected and Actual World Championships.
(Sep 15, 2018)
And the way we wertzen’t: some tracers on Bill’s Guide to Managers
(Sep 14, 2018)
The facts behind Tommy John surgery.
(Sep 14, 2018)
Now open for comments.
(Sep 08, 2018)
What can a pitcher's past tell us about their future?
(Sep 04, 2018)
Playing a deeper center field has allowed Adam Engel to rob more homers and make a bigger impact defensively.
(Sep 02, 2018)
One way to get me to watch the Olympics
(Sep 01, 2018)
A longer answer to a Hey, Bill question.
(Aug 31, 2018)
25 teams increased their shift frequency this year. But can they employ the strategy more effectively?​
(Aug 31, 2018)
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There are 1763 articles available here.
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