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by Bill James
Public Announcement
(Jan 17, 2020)
Still no computer, but I can't stop having thoughts.
(Jan 10, 2020)
And the newly elected managers are.....
(Jan 08, 2020)
Paresh breaks down Larry Walker's HoF case and in the process poses an important question about performance and durability.
(Jan 01, 2020)
Time to vote again....this time, it's the managers' turn at bat.
(Dec 31, 2019)
Finding a standout team from the last ten years.
(Dec 31, 2019)
Mark wishes all Bill James Online readers a Happy New Year with the Fielding Bible All-Decade Team!
(Dec 30, 2019)
Players who did not achieve their career potential.
(Dec 29, 2019)
Players who came very close to meeting their full career potential.
(Dec 28, 2019)
The first part of a three-part series.
(Dec 27, 2019)
John previews the CFP using some of Sports Info Solutions' advanced analytics.
(Dec 26, 2019)
The voting has closed, and the results are in. It's Captain Clutch and Marmaduke.
(Dec 22, 2019)
Taking an early look at the 2020 "Hall of Fame Tracker", with some history and some early observations​
(Dec 21, 2019)
Time is running out to cast your vote.....
(Dec 20, 2019)
More interesting than the MVP, IMO.
(Dec 18, 2019)
DRS gets an update!
There are 2070 articles available here.
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