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by Bill James
A discussion regarding the nature of statistical analysis.
(Nov 19, 2018)
A review of pitchers who transformed from ineffective starters to outstanding relievers.
(Nov 15, 2018)
Checking in at the end of a career.
(Nov 14, 2018)
Bucks and Blazers atop the NBA Power Rankings??? John takes a look at the NBA and NFL Bill James Power Rankings.
(Nov 07, 2018)
Turning towards free agency, whose glove puts him in line for a big payday?
(Nov 07, 2018)
Over Golden Glove Unleaving?
(Nov 02, 2018)
Measuring the effects which could be pushing strikeouts upward over time. This is some serious research, Jack.
(Oct 29, 2018)
Presenting the winners of 2018's Fielding Bible Awards!
(Oct 25, 2018)
The old car sputtered and shuddered to come to life, but once the gears were in motion it ran like a dream.
(Oct 24, 2018)
And I do mean “imposing,” in both senses: What TV announcers persist in doing, and should not do
(Oct 24, 2018)
Rookies who looked great but didn't reach the goal.
(Oct 23, 2018)
Musings about the 2018 Red Sox, on the eve of the World Series.
(Oct 23, 2018)
Explaining the method
(Oct 22, 2018)
Time to take a look at 2018's Fielding Bible Award outfield candidates.
(Oct 22, 2018)
Articles to follow
(Oct 20, 2018)
Reviewing lefty relievers, including LOOGYs and the Cuban Missle.
There are 1798 articles available here.
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