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by Bill James
A discussion regarding the nature of statistical analysis.
(May 02, 2019)
A Failed Tracer
(Apr 23, 2019)
Play DFS? Patrick introduces SISBets.com, a new tool that every DFS player should know about.
(Apr 19, 2019)
Bryce breaks down what makes defensive line such a deep position in this year's NFL draft.
(Apr 17, 2019)
Or at least a butterfly? The butterfly effect
(Apr 15, 2019)
A Little Alternate History
(Apr 13, 2019)
An article in the tradition of the Guidry/Rice article from 1978. Trying to find the appropriate value for Mel Ott.
(Apr 11, 2019)
In today's headlines
(Apr 07, 2019)
Or, maybe it should be called "What's the Deal with Closers"? Reviewing 50 years of the pitchers who have served in this volatile role.
(Apr 06, 2019)
a very brief footnote to my article of March 12th
(Apr 04, 2019)
The Marlins are employing the shift like no other team in baseball. But is it helping them?
(Apr 04, 2019)
Taking an argument over from Bill's article to mine, not that anyone has asked me to.
(Apr 04, 2019)
While yet I live, 1960s baseball will never die.
(Mar 28, 2019)
Following up on a Twitter Poll
(Mar 27, 2019)
Talking about Bill James, Project Scoresheet, the 1869 Red Stockings, and more...
(Mar 27, 2019)
It's not Baltimore. Sorry, Orioles fans.
There are 1885 articles available here.
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