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(Jul 22, 2020)
We have Runs Saved numbers for the pitchers.
(Jul 21, 2020)
Can't we just go with all of them?
(Jul 21, 2020)
Bill continues his dreary deathmarch toward some sort of defensive numbers that nobody cares about. Have an ice cream cone, and forget your problems.
(Jul 21, 2020)
Oh what a tangled web we weave, if the Spiders emerge in the land of Cleve....
(Jul 20, 2020)
Dealing with Defensive Range in the analysis. Which doesn't have damn-all to do with pitchers, but we have to explain it now in order to fully explain the pitching numbers.
(Jul 20, 2020)
Just because people are talking about this
(Jul 17, 2020)
The much-maligned Error
(Jul 16, 2020)
Baseball starts in a week but not everyone will be there. Mark takes a look at some of the bigger names sitting out 2020.
(Jul 16, 2020)
Passed over for the Nobel Prize for Literature once again, our hero turns his attention to a long-winded, desultory commentary on pitchers and double plays.
(Jul 15, 2020)
Working on pitchers in the Runs Saved system.
(Jul 14, 2020)
Working, working.
(Jul 12, 2020)
Re-starting Runs Saved Against Zero
(Jul 07, 2020)
Ever wonder what 60 game projections look like? Mark breaks down the projected leaders across a handful of stats.
(Jul 07, 2020)
Mark takes a closer look at the KBO hitters swinging a big stick.
(Jul 02, 2020)
Running another parallel to unpack defense.
There are 2208 articles available here.
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