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by Bill James
Public Announcement
(Dec 13, 2019)
Can we change how we think about long-term, big-dollar sports contracts?
(Dec 12, 2019)
Time for Bill James Online members to cast your votes.
(Dec 08, 2019)
an explanation
(Dec 06, 2019)
Mark breaks down the Hall of Fame cases for Larry Walker, Scott Rolen, and Bobby Abreu.
(Dec 06, 2019)
Analyzing the BBWAA Hall of Fame predictions submitted by our member community
(Dec 06, 2019)
The latest installment of an annual Bill James Online member project. Read....participate....and (eventually) vote.
(Dec 02, 2019)
A look at the 2020 Modern Era Ballot - but mostly about Lou Whitaker and Dave Parker.
(Nov 29, 2019)
Steve Garvey, Hall of Famer? Paresh makes a compelling case.
(Nov 28, 2019)
A chapter from a long book (550 pp. and counting) that responds to a minor point raised in the Skip Lockwood "Comments" section. Literally 0 to do with baseball, of no interest to most BJOL readers.
(Nov 25, 2019)
A review of INSIGHT PITCH: MY LIFE AS A MAJOR LEAGUE CLOSER, by Skip Lockwood. Sports Publishing, 2018. $19.99
(Nov 23, 2019)
We can't all be geniuses.
(Nov 23, 2019)
The tradition continues. Our 4th annual installment of a Bill James Online member contest.
(Nov 20, 2019)
Article from the Handbook
(Nov 19, 2019)
Mark takes a look at the results of Bill's Hall of Fame polls to find out the most popular candidates for induction.
(Nov 18, 2019)
A short summary of the much longer article about my studies of this issue.
There are 2070 articles available here.
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