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by Bill James
A discussion regarding the nature of statistical analysis.
(Dec 09, 2018)
I told the author that I wanted two copies and a power scrotum to hold them in. So far only the one copy has arrived.
(Dec 08, 2018)
Analyzing the BBWAA Hall of Fame predictions submitted by our member community
(Dec 06, 2018)
John previews the College Football Playoff field in this week's Stat of the Week
(Dec 04, 2018)
Finding a surprise culprit for the crowded Hall-of-Fame ballot.
(Dec 03, 2018)
(Nov 28, 2018)
An Ode to Adrián
(Nov 27, 2018)
Finishing the series from a month ago, about rookies.
(Nov 24, 2018)
Our 3rd annual installment of a Bill James Online member contest
(Nov 24, 2018)
The latest installment of an annual Bill James Online member project. Read....participate....and (eventually) vote.
(Nov 20, 2018)
How did we do on our predictions for 2018?
(Nov 19, 2018)
A review of pitchers who transformed from ineffective starters to outstanding relievers.
(Nov 15, 2018)
Checking in at the end of a career.
(Nov 14, 2018)
Bucks and Blazers atop the NBA Power Rankings??? John takes a look at the NBA and NFL Bill James Power Rankings.
(Nov 07, 2018)
Turning towards free agency, whose glove puts him in line for a big payday?
(Nov 07, 2018)
Over Golden Glove Unleaving?
(Nov 02, 2018)
Measuring the effects which could be pushing strikeouts upward over time. This is some serious research, Jack.
(Oct 29, 2018)
Presenting the winners of 2018's Fielding Bible Awards!
(Oct 25, 2018)
The old car sputtered and shuddered to come to life, but once the gears were in motion it ran like a dream.
(Oct 24, 2018)
And I do mean “imposing,” in both senses: What TV announcers persist in doing, and should not do
(Oct 24, 2018)
Rookies who looked great but didn't reach the goal.
(Oct 23, 2018)
Musings about the 2018 Red Sox, on the eve of the World Series.
(Oct 23, 2018)
Explaining the method
(Oct 22, 2018)
Time to take a look at 2018's Fielding Bible Award outfield candidates.
(Oct 22, 2018)
Articles to follow
(Oct 20, 2018)
Reviewing lefty relievers, including LOOGYs and the Cuban Missle.
(Oct 18, 2018)
Responding to a reader's question.
(Oct 17, 2018)
In this week's Stat of the Week, John breaks down the Fielding Bible Award infield candidates.
(Oct 17, 2018)
And Playing Time
(Oct 12, 2018)
The Handbook is here!
(Oct 02, 2018)
Want to know who the league's best defenders were in 2018? Mark has the answers.
(Oct 02, 2018)
Title is self-explanatory?
(Oct 01, 2018)
a look backwards, and a little bit forward
(Sep 23, 2018)
Continuing a discussion from Twitter.
(Sep 20, 2018)
Yesterday's research warmed over.
(Sep 19, 2018)
Using minor league DRS, Alex looks at some of the game's best defensive prospects.
(Sep 19, 2018)
Expected and Actual World Championships.
(Sep 15, 2018)
And the way we wertzen’t: some tracers on Bill’s Guide to Managers
(Sep 14, 2018)
The facts behind Tommy John surgery.
(Sep 14, 2018)
Now open for comments.
(Sep 08, 2018)
What can a pitcher's past tell us about their future?
(Sep 04, 2018)
Playing a deeper center field has allowed Adam Engel to rob more homers and make a bigger impact defensively.
(Sep 02, 2018)
One way to get me to watch the Olympics
(Sep 01, 2018)
A longer answer to a Hey, Bill question.
(Aug 31, 2018)
25 teams increased their shift frequency this year. But can they employ the strategy more effectively?​
(Aug 31, 2018)
Not the Browning Version
(Aug 27, 2018)
Introducing the Four Teams
(Aug 27, 2018)
Roster and Cards.
(Aug 27, 2018)
Rosters and Cards.
(Aug 27, 2018)
Cards and Roster Form
(Aug 27, 2018)
Cards and Roster Form.
(Aug 26, 2018)
"Here we are now, entertain us." All about teens in the Majors.....
(Aug 24, 2018)
We know that Strike Zone Runs Saved can identify the best pitch framers in baseball. But what impact does pitch framing itself have on Wins and Losses?
(Aug 21, 2018)
The Balk Rule: It wasn't a problem when there was only one umpire in a game.
(Aug 19, 2018)
I am going back to work on the game now. This the complete rules, pages 1 through 42, all of which I tried to post before, but I messed something up and some of it didn't run.
(Aug 19, 2018)
Poking around in the NL MVP-related data.
(Aug 17, 2018)
The NL MVP race is wide open. This week, John takes a closer look at each of the contenders.
(Aug 17, 2018)
Wrapping up the rulebook. We've still got a lot of work to do.
(Aug 15, 2018)
Usage Rules for pitchers and Game Limitations for Batters.
(Aug 14, 2018)
Continuing to roll out the game.
(Aug 10, 2018)
Roster depth and an increase use of the shift have catapulted the Diamondbacks from one of baseball's worst defensive teams to one of its best.
(Aug 10, 2018)
Explaining the Codes. Mostly kind of self-explanatory.
(Aug 09, 2018)
A few memories I thought I'd share
(Aug 09, 2018)
Explaining the Structure of the Game
(Aug 08, 2018)
Hope you get something out of this.
(Aug 07, 2018)
No week is complete on BJOL without reference to Danny MacFayden.
(Aug 05, 2018)
An attempt to see if the identical twins might be triplets
(Aug 05, 2018)
Stolen base attempts and sacrifice bunts, Line Drives, and Rules for Advancing
(Aug 05, 2018)
Looking back at 20 years of the Futures Game
(Aug 03, 2018)
Just how good was Keon Broxton in July? Thanks to a few amazing plays, he led baseball in DRS for the month.
(Jul 30, 2018)
Let me try this again.
(Jul 30, 2018)
It is what it says it is.
(Jul 28, 2018)
Just messing around.
(Jul 28, 2018)
More software than hardware
(Jul 26, 2018)
Shohei Ohtani is incredible. But you already knew that. Which other rookies deserve our attention?
(Jul 25, 2018)
Importing a Twitter discussion
(Jul 20, 2018)
Re-thinking record keeping.
(Jul 18, 2018)
Asking the question no one seems to be asking.
(Jul 15, 2018)
A Mental Construct, using made-up numbers. Bonus points for catching the allusions to Denis Leary or Martin Short..
(Jul 11, 2018)
Using Total Runs, Mark breaks down the All-Star game rosters. The fans nailed it in the AL but how'd they do in the Senior Circuit?
(Jul 03, 2018)
It works well, but it doesn't work PERFECTLY.
(Jul 02, 2018)
Alex Gordon may be struggling with the bat but he still flashes the leather. Who else made the list of June's best defenders?
(Jul 02, 2018)
Led by a trio of NL shortstops, Brian takes a look at a few players registering the biggest defensive improvements over last season.
(Jul 01, 2018)
developing a 17-year-old notion from the Historical Abstract
(Jun 26, 2018)
With reference to how the Old World monkeys used to do it
(Jun 26, 2018)
Reviewing baseball's amateur draft
(Jun 14, 2018)
The Phillies are sooo bad at shifting this year. How bad are they??? Just ask Jake Arrieta.
(Jun 08, 2018)
For years, Clayton Kershaw dominated the World's Best Starting Pitcher Rankings. Mark looks at baseball's new starting pitcher landscape.
(Jun 06, 2018)
Which teams can claim the best hitter and the best pitcher in a league, and how have they fared?
(Jun 01, 2018)
Just how good has Lorenzo Cain been defensively? Well, John is here to tell you!
(May 29, 2018)
Is there an objective trading policy that bad teams should stick to?
(May 25, 2018)
Pulling fly balls is a good thing. Mark takes a look at 3 middle infielders doing just that to level up.
(May 24, 2018)
Addendum; response to reader comment.
(May 24, 2018)
Bill just can't shut up about this Superstar nonsense.
(May 21, 2018)
A companion article to "So What is a Superstar", posted about two weeks ago.
(May 21, 2018)
Critiquing WAR by a sample size of one
(May 17, 2018)
Probably not the way he envisioned it going down but let's talk about Robbie Cano's Hall of Fame case!​
(May 15, 2018)
Minor league Statcast data! Baseball Info Solutions is at it again.
(May 12, 2018)
Reviewing the curious case of Nick Markakis and his pursuit of 3,000 hits.
(May 11, 2018)
Thoughts on Loss Shares
(May 10, 2018)
Bryce is not just Brentz anymore.
(May 09, 2018)
A generation's Mantle finally gets his Mays.
(May 04, 2018)
Mark breaks down what makes Matt Chapman so great. As an A's fan, I can attest to his greatness. It's pretty great. Really great.
(May 03, 2018)
The best left fielders of the early 20th century.
(Apr 27, 2018)
With the NFL draft upon us, Keegan visualizes how accurately the top projected QBs throw to each part of the field.
(Apr 27, 2018)
You remember these guys. Even if you're young, you remember these guys.
(Apr 25, 2018)
Trying to see how shocking my time-line bias theory would look in practice
(Apr 25, 2018)
A tale of three lefties
(Apr 25, 2018)
Continuing the series of articles ranking the best players at each position.
(Apr 23, 2018)
Resuming the series of articles that I left off in February.
(Apr 19, 2018)
The Braves second baseman is having a torrid start. We should have seen this coming.
(Apr 18, 2018)
Football season already??? Oh yes...
(Apr 16, 2018)
The mathematical implications of being 13-2 to start the season. I made baseball as much fun as doing your taxes!
(Apr 13, 2018)
If you are tired of my writing about this, I understand.
(Apr 12, 2018)
The team over at Sports Info Solutions share some early season observations on defense.
(Apr 11, 2018)
Cubs, Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Cardinals. . . .general research and argument.
(Apr 07, 2018)
If a pitcher was good last year, how do we estimate the odds that he will be good again this year?
(Apr 03, 2018)
A brief interruption of my series on small, big, and bigger improvements in baseball and, ultimately, human society
(Apr 03, 2018)
Can Defense Independent Pitching Statistics tell us which pitchers got lucky and which might see some positive regression?
(Mar 28, 2018)
Are we still doing this? Yes, we're still doing this.
(Mar 23, 2018)
Outlining a method which could, in theory, give us access to hundreds of currently inaccessible questions.
(Mar 22, 2018)
Now featuring 10% Mike Trout content.
(Mar 22, 2018)
Defensive shifts are becoming more sophisticated and Alex breaks it down for us.
(Mar 20, 2018)
Rock Chalk Talk
(Mar 18, 2018)
A wider look at those two little things I was discussing last time
(Mar 15, 2018)
Using Bill's Starting Pitcher Rankings, John previews the league's best and most improved rotations.​
(Mar 14, 2018)
Looking at anomaly seasons......
(Mar 10, 2018)
Intro to a more complex and controversial article
(Mar 09, 2018)
A new way of understanding Billy Hamilton.
(Mar 08, 2018)
The D'Backs lost a big bat this off-season in JD Martinez but could a couple under-the-radar acquisitions keep them competitive in a tough NL West?
(Mar 07, 2018)
Back to the greatest shortstops ever.
(Feb 23, 2018)
Buy the 2018 Handbook for half off today!
(Feb 23, 2018)
Asking an inevitable question.
(Feb 19, 2018)
With the US under-performing in freestyle skiing and speed skating, Norway is pacing the field in the medal count.
(Feb 14, 2018)
The Cubs made a big splash this week signing Yu Darvish. So after recent injuries and a World Series implosion, what should they expect?
(Feb 10, 2018)
My apologies to the Ken Phelps All Star Team......
(Feb 08, 2018)
An empirical study of offense and attendance.
(Feb 08, 2018)
Sections 109 to 112 of the series.
(Feb 07, 2018)
John previews 2018's Winter Olympics with a projected medal count.
(Feb 07, 2018)
Continuing the series.
(Feb 02, 2018)
Or technically .299500
(Feb 01, 2018)
Entries 99-105 of this series.
(Jan 31, 2018)
John breaks down this Sunday's matchup and why each team's running game will prove key.
(Jan 31, 2018)
Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to this.
(Jan 29, 2018)
In the first of a new series of reader-submitted articles, Martin explores the relationship between bombs and MVP voting.
(Jan 25, 2018)
The results are in. Our contest winner is.....
(Jan 23, 2018)
There's buzz surrounding the newly Hall-eligible Omar Vizquel. But did he flash enough leather across three decades to get in? John takes a closer look.
(Jan 23, 2018)
Three unrelated thoughts. I wouldn't really call them "thoughts".
(Jan 22, 2018)
John examines the repeatability of standout seasons at the hot corner and in relief.
(Jan 19, 2018)
John provides info on Andruw Jones and Scott Rolen about their Hall of Fame worthiness using Bill James’ Win Shares.
(Jan 19, 2018)
Beginning with Al Rosen. Brooks never played against Rosen, but could have. They both played in the American League in 1955 and 1956, but never in the same game.
(Jan 18, 2018)
The dominant third basemen of the first half of the last century.
(Jan 17, 2018)
An exchange of ideas with a friend. My portion is inexplicably long-winded.
(Jan 15, 2018)
Because an orderly presentation of an argument is not possible in 280 characters. . .
(Jan 12, 2018)
Shuffling the deck chairs.
(Jan 11, 2018)
John takes a closer look at the hottest teams entering the second round of the NFL playoffs using Bill's Power Rankings.
(Jan 07, 2018)
What happens when Bill James metrics intersect?
(Jan 05, 2018)
More in the series.
(Jan 04, 2018)
Second basemen of the post-war era.
(Jan 03, 2018)
"Baseball in the Garden of Eden: the secret history of the early game" by John Thorn
(Jan 02, 2018)
Second basemen from 1900 to 1948.
(Dec 29, 2017)
Why Not? I'll Tell You Why Not.
(Dec 29, 2017)
Continuing the series
(Dec 28, 2017)
Lou Whitaker sits outside of the Hall of Fame looking in while newly elected teammate, Alan Trammell warms his feet by the fire. But why? John looks to Bill's Hall of Fame Monitor for answers.
(Dec 28, 2017)
Part of a series
(Dec 26, 2017)
The voting has closed, and the results are in. It's a Braves New World.....
(Dec 22, 2017)
Curious who MLB's future defensive whizzes are? John looks at MiLB's top defenders by DRS.
(Dec 22, 2017)
The deadline is approaching.....
(Dec 21, 2017)
Continuing the series.
(Dec 20, 2017)
Continuing the series from last week.
(Dec 14, 2017)
Sorry it has taken me a couple of days to post this one.
(Dec 13, 2017)
Some thoughts on the newest member of the Hall of Fame.
(Dec 12, 2017)
Time for Bill James Online members to vote.....
(Dec 11, 2017)
Continuing the series. This was supposed to appear this morning at sunup. Apparently I screwed up the process. Sorry.
(Dec 10, 2017)
Taking an early look at the "Hall of Fame Tracker", with some history and some early observations
(Dec 08, 2017)
The winter meetings start next week. John takes a look at those free agents who should expect a nice pay day based on their defensive prowess.
(Dec 08, 2017)
Continuing the series begun yesterday.
(Dec 07, 2017)
Starting a series of articles. I promise to finish at least the first six.
(Dec 06, 2017)
Featuring some tall tales, a glimpse of Marilyn Monroe, and a circumcision.
(Dec 06, 2017)
Listing all of the entries, and looking at some summary data
(Dec 02, 2017)
There's still time to get your entries in....
(Dec 02, 2017)
Curious who 2017's best bunters were? Look no further!
(Nov 30, 2017)
True story, bro
(Nov 28, 2017)
OK, non-clickbait title: How Sabermetrics Is Capable of Ruining Baseball
(Nov 28, 2017)
The latest installment of an annual Bill James Online member project. Read....participate....and (eventually) vote.
(Nov 27, 2017)
Timeline research.
(Nov 26, 2017)
Resulting in a thorny literary discussion
(Nov 24, 2017)
After further review, I'm moving up the deadline in our prediction contest
(Nov 23, 2017)
Text of a speech I gave last week.
(Nov 21, 2017)
Our 2nd annual installment of a Bill James Online member contest
(Nov 20, 2017)
Addressing side issues related to the Judge/Altuve article I posted earlier.
(Nov 19, 2017)
Reviewing the outcome, and some thoughts on what it may (or may not) imply
(Nov 17, 2017)
Using Outfield Arm Runs Saved, John looks at 2017's most devastating outfield cannons.
(Nov 17, 2017)
Two unequal candidates for the American League Award.
(Nov 15, 2017)
Vivid memories of being struck (or striking someone) with a baseball
(Nov 13, 2017)
How do the MVP candidates of 2017 compare to other years?
(Nov 13, 2017)
New for 2018, the Bill James Handbook now includes three years of injury data from Baseball Info Solutions!​
(Nov 06, 2017)
A position-by-position review of young players through history
(Oct 31, 2017)
And we present the very best defenders of 2017!
(Oct 31, 2017)
About the handwriting in the Ramsey case.
(Oct 30, 2017)
The title says it all!
(Oct 28, 2017)
What is the problem with pitchers is all of the time they spend not doing anything?
(Oct 27, 2017)
A fictional look at where the 1919 Sox might have gone wrong
(Oct 27, 2017)
Statistical ranking.
(Oct 24, 2017)
Outlining a method to sort rookies into levels.
(Oct 23, 2017)
Revisiting and updating a mid-2016 article
(Oct 19, 2017)
In the second of a two-part series, John takes a look at the Fielding Bible Award favorites in the outfield, on the mound, and amongst utility players.
(Oct 18, 2017)
Catchers and Quaterbacks wasting our time. . . .
(Oct 16, 2017)
The first in a two part series, John examines 2017's best defenders and Fielding Bible Award contenders.
(Oct 15, 2017)
...wasn't worth all that much, apparently. A very tightly focused variation on Bill’s Deserved Wins Thesis.​
(Oct 14, 2017)
Whose turn is it to win now? And how do we know?
(Oct 13, 2017)
Continuing the series
(Oct 10, 2017)
A funhouse mirror of fact and fact.
(Oct 09, 2017)
It's actually just a coincidence that this article appears on Canadian Thanksgiving.
(Oct 06, 2017)
Continuing the series.
(Oct 05, 2017)
Organizational History
(Oct 03, 2017)
First in a series of articles
(Sep 27, 2017)
Andrelton Simmons and Charlie Blackmon for MVP? John previews the AL and NL MVP races looking at the Total Runs leaderboard.
(Sep 27, 2017)
The list, and notes
(Sep 23, 2017)
Explaining and updating what we have done.
(Sep 23, 2017)
Having a "Pep" Talk regarding a Hall of Famer.....
(Sep 23, 2017)
.... of Baseball’s Peerless Semi-Pros: The Brooklyn Bushwicks of Dexter Park by Thomas Barthel
(Sep 21, 2017)
How do we decide who really qualifies?
(Sep 20, 2017)
There's a new World's #1 Staring Pitcher. John looks at Klubot's ascent and how he's wrestled the title away from a couple of other pitchers you may have heard of.
(Sep 18, 2017)
One small tracer, and a discussion of tracers in the larger sense
(Sep 16, 2017)
Some thoughts about Ozzie Smith, and the current MVP discussion.
(Sep 11, 2017)
John looks at the shifting dynamics of The Shift.
(Sep 09, 2017)
Longer than the road that stretches out ahead.....
(Sep 08, 2017)
Is it best to pitch to contact?
(Sep 05, 2017)
A large study of hot teams and cold teams finds an actual effect.
(Aug 31, 2017)
A rejected article from the spring, published late this summer
(Aug 29, 2017)
Talking WAR, Norse Mythology, Ian Kinsler, Inherit the Wind....You know, the usual stuff
(Aug 28, 2017)
Responding to things posted by the readers.
(Aug 25, 2017)
How often does a good young starting pitcher suddenly fall off a cliff?
(Aug 25, 2017)
Using some new math to answer an old question.
(Aug 18, 2017)
Trying to understand strikeouts, contexts, and absolute limits.
(Aug 18, 2017)
Mookie Betts may be having a down year offensively but you can't fault him for his defense, which tops the league. John takes a look at the game's best and worst defenders.
(Aug 15, 2017)
Finishing up the long series.
(Aug 14, 2017)
If you see a turtle on a fence post, somebody put him up there. The same with a 20-game winner.
(Aug 11, 2017)
Will Jonathan Lucroy help out in Colorado? John takes a closer look at what the former All-Star must do to help a surging Rockies team.
(Aug 11, 2017)
Some years, Cy Young couldn't win the Cy Young Award.
(Aug 10, 2017)
Given enough luck, Michael Dukakis could have been President.
(Aug 09, 2017)
Movie Star Luck
(Aug 08, 2017)
How exactly the numbers get crunched.
(Aug 08, 2017)
Now that Adrian Beltre's reach 3,000 hits, who's next? Some on the list might surprise you.
(Aug 07, 2017)
Gloom, Despair, and Agony on me. . .
(Aug 06, 2017)
How many Hall-of-Famers can you find on one team's roster?
(Aug 04, 2017)
Fiction, but much more of historical and argumentative value than literary merit.
(Aug 04, 2017)
The luckiest seasons for each franchise. . .
(Aug 03, 2017)
The luckiest and unluckiest pitchers of all time, in a career.
(Aug 02, 2017)
Over the course of a career, does the Won-Lost record become a fair test for a pitcher?
(Jul 31, 2017)
Watching the deadline shows.
(Jul 25, 2017)
Smart or Dumb?
(Jul 25, 2017)
In his brief stint in the Bigs, Matt Chapman has already saved the A's 8 runs with his glove. This comes of no surprise to John who's tracked Chapman's excellent defense since the minors.
(Jul 18, 2017)
How'd the fans fare in their All Star Game selections? John says "not bad!"
(Jul 17, 2017)
With nary a mention of the Panda
(Jul 16, 2017)
Picking all-time NL & AL all star rosters...but using modern selection rules
(Jul 12, 2017)
A continuation of my prior article, containing allusions to the movie "Chinatown," a John Lennon tune, the ‘90s TV sit-com “Martin,” Batman and my former scoutmaster.
(Jul 07, 2017)
The title says it all.
(Jul 03, 2017)
How Sabermetrics Could Reduce Excitement About Baseball
(Jul 01, 2017)
Miguel Montero may not have been right to criticize Jake Arrieta but he also wasn't incorrect. That said, he should probably spend some of his newly acquired free time in front of the mirror.
(Jun 29, 2017)
What the best teams in baseball might be telling us about the future of the game.
(Jun 25, 2017)
How do postseason games end? A historical review.
(Jun 20, 2017)
Max Scherzer sits atop Bill's World's #1 Starting Pitcher Rankings.
(Jun 20, 2017)
Thoughts on a return.
(Jun 19, 2017)
Follow up research to yesterday's article.
(Jun 19, 2017)
Is Scherzer really better than Kershaw?
(Jun 14, 2017)
Abolish the shift? Not so fast.
(Jun 10, 2017)
Seven thousand words about Halberstam’s OCTOBER 1964, the first six thousand a statistically oriented close reading, and the last thousand a discursive personal essay.
(Jun 06, 2017)
We have our first no hitter of 2017! But that's not good enough for John; he wants to know where the next one is coming from.
(Jun 02, 2017)
A paint by numbers careers.
(May 31, 2017)
Thoughts on four different subjects. . .
(May 31, 2017)
"Flipping the odds" in the postseason....the most improbable comebacks
(May 28, 2017)
leftover observations, with some Jim Bunning (R.I.P.) remarks
(May 25, 2017)
The Pitch That Determined The 1964 NL Pennant, sort of, and The Guy Who Threw It
(May 23, 2017)
The AL Central-leading Twins owe their record in part to a startling defensive turnaround. John looks at how the Twins' gloves have improved dramatically across multiple positions.
(May 23, 2017)
But don't speak too soon, 'cause the ball's still in spin. . ..
(May 22, 2017)
If your team is now 23 and 17, they have a 79% chance to finish the season with a winning record. You're welcome.
(May 20, 2017)
Thoughts on moving...and are roundabouts sabermetric in nature?
(May 17, 2017)
Has baseball REALLY entered a new generation of stars?
(May 12, 2017)
How has the shorter 10-day minimum impacted the way teams use the disabled list? John takes a look in this edition of Stat of the Week.
(May 08, 2017)
Starting pitcher evaluation. What, we've done that?
(May 07, 2017)
What happens to a team after they have a day off?
(May 03, 2017)
Using Bill's "temperature" measurement, John looks at baseball's hottest and coldest hitters. Winter is over in DC!
(Apr 26, 2017)
The title says it all. John looks at the early defensive returns for the league's best and worst.
(Apr 24, 2017)
Aging in Baseball Studies
(Apr 23, 2017)
“An impressive person: Rick is a hoss because he won the championships.”—from Onlineslangdictionary.com​
(Apr 21, 2017)
Just getting it on the record.
(Apr 19, 2017)
Not every player in every season does what you would expect him to do. . .
(Apr 18, 2017)
It's early but shifts are up. John looks at which teams are shifting the most.
(Apr 17, 2017)
Just putting a speech on record.
(Apr 16, 2017)
Another group project
(Apr 14, 2017)
Not exactly "My Dinner with Andre"...actually, even better
(Apr 12, 2017)
Cicero, Vacuum Cleaners and Frank Sullivan.
(Apr 11, 2017)
Is there a Doctor on the airplane?
(Apr 10, 2017)
How a Poet Fills Out a Lineup Card
(Apr 07, 2017)
The A's and Rockies both boast exceedingly young rotations. How does each staff's youth compare to those over the past 10 years?
(Apr 03, 2017)
Trying to fit all of the bold in one prediction.
(Mar 29, 2017)
Did the Braves Slugger Matter Last Year?
(Mar 28, 2017)
MLB Statcast recently released a new defensive stat, Catch Probability. John digs into its components and how it compares with BIS' Out Ratio.
(Mar 21, 2017)
John takes a look at the implications of the WBC's extra inning rules.
(Mar 20, 2017)
Yes, we do basketball here too. Presenting my own idea of March Madness.....
(Mar 17, 2017)
that Bill James taught us how to play
(Mar 12, 2017)
An article whose prefatory example takes up 5/6ths of the piece. Kids, don’t try this at home.
(Mar 09, 2017)
Finding a winner in last year's pile of losers.
(Mar 08, 2017)
What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Huh. Say it again.
(Mar 08, 2017)
The article explains the process by which pitcher seasons were designated in previous research as "good" seasons or "poor" seasons.
(Mar 07, 2017)
The article explains the methods that were used in yesterday's article to determine whether a hitter had had a good season or a poor season.
(Mar 06, 2017)
A study of teams as combinations of players having good years and bad years.
(Mar 02, 2017)
Bill rambles incoherently about this, that, and the other. Comment kindly; we suspect he may be losing his marbles.
(Mar 01, 2017)
A preview of 2017's league leaders according to the Bill James Projections.
(Mar 01, 2017)
Coming Attractions!
(Feb 28, 2017)
All the votes are in! Well, 18 of them.
(Feb 25, 2017)
In response, revisiting "Field of Dreams"
(Feb 24, 2017)
We hear it all the time, the importance of strong defense up-the-middle. John takes a look at the teams projected to field the best and worst defenses up-the-middle in 2017.
(Feb 23, 2017)
Where Have You Gone, Jean-Louis Vergez?
(Feb 21, 2017)
After 40 years of studying and analyzing the Baseball Hall of Fame, Bill finds its fatal flaw.
(Feb 17, 2017)
The knock on Kyle Schwarber has always been his defense. But could a slow-to-the-plate pitching staff be to blame? John uses catcher pop-up times to evaluate the young Cub.
(Feb 17, 2017)
Two parts baseball, one part movies.
(Feb 14, 2017)
Play Ball. Really.
(Feb 13, 2017)
With Starling Marte bumping Andrew McCutchen from his centerfield perch to right, John takes analyzes the Pirates' familiar but reconfigured outfield.
(Feb 09, 2017)
A follow up from RBI men...
(Feb 06, 2017)
From Cabrera to Caleb.. .
(Feb 06, 2017)
Re-thinking the binary nature of the Hall-of-Fame
(Feb 03, 2017)
Research regarding a question of general interest. Please read.
(Feb 02, 2017)
A quick review of a few Hall of Fame related topics while they're still fresh
(Feb 01, 2017)
Ever wonder how George Steinbrenner fared when acquiring big-named pitchers? John examines The Boss' record.
(Jan 31, 2017)
Joining the discussion, too long to post as a comment.
(Jan 30, 2017)
Thought droppings.
(Jan 30, 2017)
Revisiting an all-time blunder.
(Jan 27, 2017)
Don't hang me; I am just trying to be helpful.
(Jan 26, 2017)
The Braves have a decision to make behind the plate. Whatever they choose, it'll signal how the organization values pitch framing and defensive metrics for catchers.
(Jan 25, 2017)
This Bud's for you.
(Jan 23, 2017)
The second part of our Hall of Fame sorting system. Explaining the method and looking at those not elected.
(Jan 21, 2017)
Jerry Dipoto has had a busy offseason in the Emerald City. John takes a closer look at what he's been up to.
(Jan 20, 2017)
Is the Hall of Fame getting soft in its old age? Or is that my old age?
(Jan 19, 2017)
The results of our BJOL prediction contest are in. And the winner is....
(Jan 17, 2017)
Is there an uncomfortable relationship between Colorado and Cooperstown?
(Jan 14, 2017)
In which I follow through on my threat to examine closely twelve words from “My Mother, Drunk or Sober”
(Jan 13, 2017)
Some further thoughts about catchers and winning.
(Jan 13, 2017)
John takes a look at why a former dual threat finds himself still languishing in free agency.
(Jan 10, 2017)
More about etymology than baseball
(Jan 08, 2017)
Not been doing too good at my job. . .
(Jan 07, 2017)
A polemic against loyalty
(Jan 04, 2017)
And the winners are.....
(Dec 31, 2016)
Conclusion (I hope).
(Dec 29, 2016)
A few notes and comments on the voting in progress.....
(Dec 26, 2016)
The latest installment of a Bill James Online Member Project. It's time for you to vote!
(Dec 25, 2016)
The virtues of tenderness, a subject that most people who know me consider me eminently unqualified to write about at length, which is precisely what I have done here.
(Dec 23, 2016)
Adam Eaton broke out in a big way in 2016 due in large part to his arm. John takes a look at a few other outfielders with similarly lethal cannons.
(Dec 23, 2016)
More trends and updates, courtesy of "The Hall of Fame Tracker"
(Dec 20, 2016)
The dry facts? More like soaking-wet speculation.
(Dec 15, 2016)
Yoan Moncada struck out a lot during his brief September debut. Should it be cause for concern?
(Dec 14, 2016)
I refuse to tweet about this. You have to find out about it on your own.
(Dec 14, 2016)
Further confirming my thesis (with a snag along the way)
(Dec 14, 2016)
Updates on our contest, and some early trends in the Hall of Fame voting
(Dec 08, 2016)
Various thoughts and observations on Ivan Rodriguez as he debuts on the Hall of Fame ballot.
(Dec 07, 2016)
Sometimes asking a question isn't nearly as fun as shouting an answer.
(Dec 03, 2016)
An invitation to participate in a friendly Hall of Fame prediction contest
(Dec 03, 2016)
Craig's follow up to his previous article, Fixing a Presidential Election.
(Dec 02, 2016)
Building outward from last week's research
(Dec 01, 2016)
Who were the best bunters in 2016? John does some math to find out!
(Nov 30, 2016)
Did the New York Mets get the right guy?
(Nov 30, 2016)
The latest installment of a Bill James Online member project. Read....participate....and (eventually) vote.
(Nov 28, 2016)
A discussion regarding the nature of statistical analysis.
(Nov 26, 2016)
I forgot to goof around with the players’ names last time.
(Nov 22, 2016)
Justin Verlander is not actually 8 foot 2 inches tall.
(Nov 21, 2016)
Trying to keep the record clear.
(Nov 21, 2016)
A serious and carefully worded article from Craig Wright on the 2016 Presidential Election.
(Nov 20, 2016)
A review of how Major League organizations have built their rosters over the past 40 years.
(Nov 18, 2016)
Reader Participation History.
(Nov 18, 2016)
Out with old and in with the...old. In an effort to build a new rotation, the Braves go old.
(Nov 18, 2016)
On the stories we tell ourselves.
(Nov 16, 2016)
The title is sufficient introduction.
(Nov 14, 2016)
Inviting your comments.
(Nov 14, 2016)
Notes on an electoral utopia.
(Nov 11, 2016)
The 1976 iteration
(Nov 10, 2016)
You didn’t know there’d been a Part One, did you? The 1986 installment.
(Nov 09, 2016)
Bill talks baseball and the future of analytics in Lisbon, Portugal with Ger Gilroy.
(Nov 08, 2016)
An apology for a temporary technical issue with Hey Bill.
(Nov 07, 2016)
Bill James Handbook home run and batting leaders for 2017! Will Giancarlo bounce back? Can Trumbo repeat? Who will break out?
(Nov 07, 2016)
An argument without words.
(Nov 03, 2016)
How good was Kris Bryant on the bases this year? And how did the Cubs' and Indians' base running stack up against the rest of the league? John takes a closer look in this edition of Stat of the Week.
(Oct 30, 2016)
A backward look at looking forward.....down on the farm.
(Oct 28, 2016)
Want to know 2016's best defensive players at each position? This year's Fielding Bible Award recipients include 4 first-time winners but just one unanimous selection.
(Oct 28, 2016)
If Honus Wagner played today. . .
(Oct 27, 2016)
Just messing around.
(Oct 21, 2016)
In the second of his two-part series, John projects the 2016 Gold Glove Winners for the outfield, pitcher, and utility.
(Oct 18, 2016)
What to do when your Hall of Famer doesn’t play like a Hall of Famer against every opponent, and you have a very clear idea of who those opponents are?
(Oct 13, 2016)
In a two-part series, John projects the 2016 Gold Glove Winners starting with catcher and infield. Is there a new king crouching behind the plate?
(Oct 10, 2016)
Measuring how well a pitcher has pitched to the score.
(Oct 07, 2016)
A Sabermetric Amber Flashing Light
(Oct 07, 2016)
What makes a season "extreme"? And how does 2016 stack up?
(Oct 04, 2016)
A thousand words of tracer
(Oct 04, 2016)
Will the real Bryce Harper please stand up?
(Oct 02, 2016)
Appreciate your comments. . .
(Sep 30, 2016)
What can a new football stat tell us about evaluating running backs?
(Sep 29, 2016)
Suggesting an analytical alternative.
(Sep 27, 2016)
Greatness and joy remembered
(Sep 24, 2016)
Recent events, an upcoming member project, and how you can participate
(Sep 19, 2016)
Just a Quick Note about a certain type of hitter
(Sep 09, 2016)
Flight Related Notes
(Sep 07, 2016)
In the never-ending search for greater meaning, a further exploration of Baseball-reference.com's splits categories.
(Sep 04, 2016)
An excellent way NOT to look to stats for significance.
(Sep 03, 2016)
The trend continues
(Aug 29, 2016)
The nation's #2 hitters turn their lonely eyes to you. A review of "two-hole" hitters, past & present.​
(Aug 28, 2016)
And where “Baseball” figures into all of that….
(Aug 23, 2016)
Gold medals in the Name Game.
(Aug 17, 2016)
There's one winner in every league in every year. Sometimes that's not the right number.
(Aug 16, 2016)
Has there been a shift away from Relief Pitchers in Cy Young voting?
(Aug 16, 2016)
The latest in medals.
(Aug 14, 2016)
The legend discusses music, baseball, and the intersection of the two in a candid fake interview.
(Aug 10, 2016)
A Variation on the Ontiveri
(Aug 08, 2016)
As Tyrone Slothrop liked to say…
(Aug 03, 2016)
Game it in Rio.
(Aug 01, 2016)
Taking the pulse of ACTIVE starting pitchers and gauging their Hall of Fame outlooks. And, what will you be doing in 2036?
(Jul 25, 2016)
Far more information about Stargell and McCovey than you can use in three lifetimes.
(Jul 22, 2016)
In which Nig Lipscomb finally receives his due.
(Jul 17, 2016)
Featuring the unlikely combo of Tim Anderson and Nancy Sinatra.
(Jul 15, 2016)
When your starting pitcher is knocked out early, does that hurt you TOMORROW?
(Jul 13, 2016)
Stats vs. Fans
(Jul 06, 2016)
Taking a look at the good and the bad leadoff hitters in history, including leadoff "families"
(Jul 05, 2016)
Where have all the no-hitters gone?
(Jul 04, 2016)
Another in a series of short stories, the first of which seemed to go over well on BJOL.
(Jun 25, 2016)
I’m cleaning up these ancient manuscript chapters as fast I can….
(Jun 21, 2016)
What would the game be like if we did balls and strikes differently, really differently?
(Jun 20, 2016)
It depends!
(Jun 18, 2016)
Sending out good vibes to my neighbors to the Northeast before game 7 of the NBA finals. Also, offering up my version of "American Pie"
(Jun 17, 2016)
The untold story behind the ChiSox's struggles.
(Jun 16, 2016)
Formula for Player Growth and Sustainability Profile
(Jun 15, 2016)
Concluding the series we began on Monday (except that the formula runs tommorrow)
(Jun 15, 2016)
The lighter side of Ali, highlighted by the Ali-Cosell-Crystal triangle
(Jun 14, 2016)
Continuing the article we began yesterday
(Jun 13, 2016)
The first of a three-part article.
(Jun 08, 2016)
In compensation for my last column, which was free from sabermetic analysis, here is a glut of stats.​
(Jun 07, 2016)
NBA, 3 Pointers, and Trends
(Jun 06, 2016)
Short, non-descript research.
(Jun 01, 2016)
A minute-by-minute account of a non-classic baseball game.
(May 27, 2016)
An afternoon with Ted in March of 1944
(May 26, 2016)
What is the most forgotten 'peak' in baseball?
(May 25, 2016)
The early returns.
(May 17, 2016)
Almost twenty years since the last expansion . . .
(May 16, 2016)
One on ballcaps, the other on bullcrap
(May 14, 2016)
All about catchers hitting in the leadoff spot in the batting order. And, what was the deal with the 1939 Indians?
(May 09, 2016)
Knuckle ballers and Knuckle Heads.
(May 07, 2016)
Let's look at the big picture
(May 05, 2016)
Do you know who Floyd Giebell was?
(May 01, 2016)
The book that introduced me to baseball and its history reaches a milestone. And, what would an updated sequel look like?
(Apr 30, 2016)
In a word, great.
(Apr 29, 2016)
Continuing the discussion from yesterday. . .
(Apr 28, 2016)
Batting Averages when the Ball is In Play
(Apr 24, 2016)
It's never too early for some cutting-edge fielding stats.
(Apr 23, 2016)
Alliteration, anyone? An article all about Signature Significance, Indicative Impressions, and Vincent Velasquez.
(Apr 20, 2016)
JBJ, Kiermaier, Pillar, Altuve, Ty Cobb and Jim Leyritz.
(Apr 19, 2016)
Talkin' Baseball. .. Ian, Noah and the Jake. . .
(Apr 17, 2016)
Rounds 2 through 5. We crown a champion for the tournament and announce a winner for the pool.
(Apr 16, 2016)
It finally arrived!
(Apr 16, 2016)
Everyone's doing it.
(Apr 12, 2016)
Is it possible to create fiction out of digits?
(Apr 12, 2016)
20 stories are not JUST 20 stories.
(Apr 08, 2016)
First round results and leaderboard
(Apr 04, 2016)
Bucking the trend towards absurdity.
(Mar 31, 2016)
Of runners and fielders
(Mar 30, 2016)
Time to submit your brackets. You will have until 11:00 PM EST, Sunday, April 3rd to submit a bracket. Good luck!
(Mar 28, 2016)
Just Messing Around with Baseball Statistics
(Mar 26, 2016)
Finishing up the review of the field with the top 8 seeds.
(Mar 25, 2016)
(Mar 23, 2016)
Continuing a review of the field, covering seeds 9-16.
(Mar 22, 2016)
Do older players need more days off?
(Mar 21, 2016)
Just some light observations. Real article tomorrow.
(Mar 20, 2016)
Continuing a review of the field, covering seeds 17-24.
(Mar 18, 2016)
Reviving (sort of) an old project, creating our own version of March Madness, and you'll be invited to submit a bracket in a later segment of the series.
(Mar 17, 2016)
Six short pieces about various things.
(Mar 12, 2016)
Do we have any followers of the American League here? Excellent!
(Mar 08, 2016)
Which teams will flash the most leather this year?
(Mar 06, 2016)
Because a writer writes, and I can't believe I had this conversation
(Mar 03, 2016)
Time to gaze into the crystal ball.
(Mar 02, 2016)
Looking for a surprise team in 2016.
(Feb 29, 2016)
Just trying to explain...
(Feb 29, 2016)
An Oscar-night reflection on a classic baseball-themed movie
(Feb 23, 2016)
What has $4.5 Billion and worse hair than a two-year-old onion?
(Feb 22, 2016)
Catching that extra edge.
(Feb 20, 2016)
Taking a look back at position players and their values in various age brackets
(Feb 18, 2016)
On the shifting correlation between quality pitching and the World Series.
(Feb 12, 2016)
A short piece of fiction (not all that short) taken from an anecdote that Bill once told.
(Feb 09, 2016)
Finding a parallel for the Mets outfielder.
(Feb 06, 2016)
The Finality of the Finished Finale. Finally.
(Feb 05, 2016)
Let's look at the total performance.
(Feb 04, 2016)
Small Sample-Size Theater: Part One of a Look at Families of Pitchers
(Feb 03, 2016)
Random Observations about three right fielders.
(Jan 31, 2016)
The highs and lows
(Jan 27, 2016)
Magic in Pittsburgh
(Jan 21, 2016)
The Game it Is a'changin'
(Jan 20, 2016)
(apologies to Christopher Hitchens)
(Jan 14, 2016)
The KU/Oklahoma Triple Overtime Game
(Jan 12, 2016)
Trying to think through when we can vote for a Reliever for the Hall of Fame.
(Jan 11, 2016)
(Jan 09, 2016)
Part 2 of 3. Taking a look back at the actual Hall of Fame election history. Facts, figures, and trends​
(Jan 08, 2016)
Going beyond Saves.
(Jan 06, 2016)
The results of our eighth annual effort to parallel the BBWAA.
(Jan 05, 2016)
Trying to evaluate the careers of relief pitchers.
(Jan 02, 2016)
Part 1 reviews the results of the 7 prior tournaments. Part 2 (later) will focus on the process. Also in Part 1 - "O Biggio, Where Art Thou?"
(Jan 01, 2016)
All's Well That Ends Well
(Dec 26, 2015)
In which we strap a beloved baseball autobiography to a polygraph machine for Christmas.
(Dec 26, 2015)
In life, and baseball, there must be balance. Lessons from Mr. Miyagi, and a tribute to "El Come Dulce"​
(Dec 24, 2015)
And the 4 winners are.......
(Dec 21, 2015)
Second round results and final round matchups​. Who will be the "Final 4" that will be inducted?
(Dec 21, 2015)
Working toward a Question.
(Dec 21, 2015)
Explaining the Montz Brothers.
(Dec 17, 2015)
First round results and second round matchups
(Dec 15, 2015)
Trying to find comparables to the newest Cub OF.
(Dec 15, 2015)
The Braves picked up a good one.
(Dec 14, 2015)
We've got a new name......and it's time to vote
(Dec 14, 2015)
Article responds to an off-site publication.
(Dec 12, 2015)
Just a little thing. . .
(Dec 11, 2015)
A long, long theoretical article.
(Dec 09, 2015)
It's more of a "mock-up", if you will. Reviving an old Bill James Online Project....
(Dec 06, 2015)
A review of high schools that have been exceptionally good at producing Major Leaguers.....and other hometown observations.
(Dec 04, 2015)
Some musings on Rafael Palmeiro.
(Dec 03, 2015)
Just messing around with the numbers.
(Dec 02, 2015)
A historical look at MLB franchises by position to find the cream of the crop. And who is "Catcher U."?​
(Dec 02, 2015)
When less is more.
(Nov 30, 2015)
A short tale fleshing out my previous piece about little people in MLB
(Nov 30, 2015)
Introduces a method to mark periods of strength and weakness in the history of each franchise.
(Nov 24, 2015)
Finally, the long-awaited conclusion to the series!
(Nov 20, 2015)
Article advocates an alternative to the currently dominant method of running a pitching staff.
(Nov 20, 2015)
Get your vote on.
(Nov 18, 2015)
Eventually this article relates to the present. . .
(Nov 17, 2015)
You don't often see an elite defender traded.
(Nov 10, 2015)
A somewhat more objective and systematic approach to All-Star game selections and mis-selections than Part 1 took
(Nov 10, 2015)
Examining teams that were able to field 8 positions above the median
(Nov 09, 2015)
A little explanation.
(Nov 09, 2015)
A (second) apology to Paul Simon for this.
(Nov 05, 2015)
What makes the Royals so good?
(Nov 01, 2015)
The envelope please.
(Oct 27, 2015)
A Soccer Tale of a Different Kind of Winner
(Oct 26, 2015)
A new feature in the next Bill James Handbook
(Oct 26, 2015)
What If (2)?
(Oct 24, 2015)
What If?
(Oct 22, 2015)
Some players are just shiftless
(Oct 21, 2015)
A look at baseball trades....the bad, the big, and the balanced (mostly the balanced)
(Oct 09, 2015)
Inquiries into how All-Star teams have been chosen and mis-chosen, how that process might be improved, and how the Game itself could be made more watchable.
(Oct 07, 2015)
Reviewing and comparing various Halls of Fame, their processes, and their results...along with other random thoughts
(Oct 02, 2015)
Method Research
(Sep 29, 2015)
Kevin Kiermaier, anyone?
(Sep 28, 2015)
(Sep 25, 2015)
There could be some changes in who gets called up to the podium.
(Sep 24, 2015)
Taking a look at some of the great relief pitcher seasons
(Sep 19, 2015)
A proposal so reasonable that maybe Maui Mike will keep his finger off the ejector-seat button until I finish making it.
(Sep 14, 2015)
At least from 2003.
(Sep 11, 2015)
About Politics, and Hair.
(Sep 10, 2015)
All the tension of the kindergartners’ game combined with all the dignity of professional baseball.
(Sep 09, 2015)
What can the Nats do to salvage a disappointing season?
(Sep 09, 2015)
A look at franchise rosters in a trade-free, non-free agent, expansion era universe
(Sep 09, 2015)
See if you can spot the pattern.
(Sep 04, 2015)
COmmentary on the Tom Brady case.
(Sep 01, 2015)
A short research piece about the predictive significance of recent starts by pitchers.
(Aug 31, 2015)
Let us count the runs.
(Aug 31, 2015)
Another pitcher underrated by traditional metrics, and the big issue facing baseball.
(Aug 30, 2015)
Let's cut to the "Chase" when evaluating his Hall of Fame chances
(Aug 28, 2015)
A twenty-five-year-old book review, requested by many BJOL subscribers (well, two), with a little note about how it came to get written.
(Aug 28, 2015)
It's been a good year for throwing out runners.
(Aug 28, 2015)
The hidden advantage of the Royals' style offense.
(Aug 25, 2015)
Who is that guy in the 95th percentile?
(Aug 24, 2015)
A retro look at constructing all-time college baseball rosters....and a faithful nod to a cult classic​
(Aug 23, 2015)
A brief digression, before we turn to other ludicrous scenarios, on the long and short of some issues raised by my last column
(Aug 14, 2015)
A legal grievance against MLB, pending for 64 years this week, and larger issues (though nearly any issue is bound to be larger than Eddie Gaedel) regarding roster size.
(Aug 12, 2015)
A look at baserunners and how often they do (or don’t) score
(Aug 07, 2015)
At the bat and in the field...
(Aug 07, 2015)
Essay arguing for limits on "continuation" rules in baseball.
(Aug 07, 2015)
Six unrelated notes about pickoffs, Monopolies, and Continuation Rules.
(Aug 06, 2015)
This is the first in a series of articles about radical changes to MLB guaranteed to get the traditionalist fan's blood boiling and other fans' blood merely simmering.
(Aug 06, 2015)
Taking a look at the individuals who were the best at blending the dual careers of playing and managing through a new (but familiar) tool: Manager-Player Number
(Aug 05, 2015)
Article proposes a method to place a nametag on the Best Young Player in Baseball.
(Jul 31, 2015)
Reviewing two books about famous crimes.
(Jul 29, 2015)
An alternative methodology to divide baseball history into eras.
(Jul 26, 2015)
The numbers behind the numbers.
(Jul 20, 2015)
Introduces a new method to score the similarity of seasons.
(Jul 20, 2015)
A careful comparison of Roger Maris to four other related players.
(Jul 16, 2015)
About the effectiveness of different ways of choosing the All Star team.
(Jul 14, 2015)
A modest proposal to improve the Summer Classic.
(Jul 08, 2015)
A study of the evolution of bullpen use over time focused on the issue of whether we have reached some sort of end point.
(Jul 08, 2015)
Does it help to be fast?
(Jul 07, 2015)
This article introduces a non-linear method to measure the extent to which a pitcher is a Multi-Use pitcher as opposed to a Starter or a Reliever.
(Jun 11, 2015)
A list of the most probable improbables.
(Jun 08, 2015)
With all due respect to them writer fellas...
(Jun 04, 2015)
Following through on a couple of discussions that we have had.
(Jun 01, 2015)
It's time to call it a Schmidt
(May 30, 2015)
Surprises and Disappointments.
(May 27, 2015)
When is a blessing a curse? When you play for the Reds.
(May 22, 2015)
Trading gloves for bats.
(May 19, 2015)
What goes up, must come down, Spinnin' Wheel, Got to Go Round.
(May 16, 2015)
Let's add up the numbers.
(May 13, 2015)
you kind of have to see this to understand it.
(May 09, 2015)
Current starting rotations.
(May 04, 2015)
Seven Hall of Famers mix it up with a Leaping Octopus.
(May 01, 2015)
Pulling our Starting Pitcher Rankings into team rotations
(May 01, 2015)
Bill emerges from hiding to give us the sixth installment.
(Apr 23, 2015)
Some observations about a game of baseball.
(Apr 17, 2015)
Just call it a home run double play.
(Apr 15, 2015)
Getting back to work on the third basemen.
(Apr 03, 2015)
Finishing off the first round of the tourney. . . .
(Apr 03, 2015)
Bold predictions about the coming season, caught on vinyl.
(Mar 31, 2015)
Hacks, Bells, Gardeners, Brooks and Pies. . ..
(Mar 28, 2015)
The Greatest Third Baseman of All time is mentioned somewhere in this article.
(Mar 26, 2015)
Some reflections on the sport of cricket
(Mar 25, 2015)
Why exactly is it that we don't call Joe Carter Home Run Carter?
(Mar 12, 2015)
What if Mike Schmidt had played third base for the Big Red Machine?
(Mar 09, 2015)
What do Howard Baker and Bill Bradley have in common?
(Mar 08, 2015)
Leveraging one really good skill.
(Mar 07, 2015)
Getting into the details of advanced fielding systems.
(Mar 06, 2015)
Do you have HSBM? Perhaps it is time to get tested.
(Feb 27, 2015)
Pass the crystal ball, please.
(Feb 26, 2015)
Trying to find a contender from last year's losing teams.
(Feb 24, 2015)
We compare Randolph and Mazeroski because it works so much better than comparing Gandolph and Trotsky.​
(Feb 20, 2015)
Some thoughts on strikeouts, rule changes, and the 1987 Cardinals.
(Feb 19, 2015)
The best and the worst of the second basemen.
(Feb 15, 2015)
An excerpt from the upcoming Fielding Bible-Volume IV.
(Feb 13, 2015)
What's the Value of WAR? Maui Mike. . .don't answer that.
(Feb 09, 2015)
26 pages, absolutely no humor.
(Feb 06, 2015)
That may be the worst Figure of Speech of my 40-year writing career.
(Feb 05, 2015)
Is there a Raccoon Bowl now? I missed that one.
(Feb 02, 2015)
Bob Hendley, the Hall of Fame and the John Birch Society.
(Jan 30, 2015)
Never going to make it as a movie critic.
(Jan 29, 2015)
Travis Lee sends his regrets.
(Jan 28, 2015)
Will John Dewan and Hal Chase gang up on Bill to get revenge?
(Jan 27, 2015)
The Best (and Worst) catchers of all time.
(Jan 26, 2015)
Pudge, Aging and Casual Inference.
(Jan 23, 2015)
Broad and Narrow, Credit and Responsibility, and a Point of Agreement.
(Jan 22, 2015)
Joe Torre visits the White House. Did he take his cat?
(Jan 20, 2015)
Should Auld Fielding Percentages be forgot, and never brought to mind?
(Jan 20, 2015)
Rugby is a foreign language. Football is just grunting.
(Jan 19, 2015)
The start of a long series of articles about Fielding. We'll get to Emil Verban when we're READY for Emil Verban.
(Jan 17, 2015)
Turning our microscope to the men behind the plate.
(Jan 15, 2015)
The A's acquire the most A's-ish player in baseball.
(Jan 11, 2015)
Circling the bases.
(Dec 31, 2014)
Maybe those new defensive stats are more predictable than we thought.
(Dec 30, 2014)
The pitching-heavy results from this year's BJOL election.
(Dec 22, 2014)
The Strike Zone is the Engine of Baseball. Sometimes it's your transmission that leaves you by the side of the road.
(Dec 21, 2014)
Bats are good, but how about gloves?
(Dec 06, 2014)
Bunting is making a comeback.
(Dec 05, 2014)
A subject that never grows old.
(Dec 01, 2014)
He just keeps pitching and pitching and pitching....
(Nov 25, 2014)
Our seventh attempt to do better than the BBWAA.
(Nov 22, 2014)
Finding comparables for the Marlins franchise player.
(Nov 17, 2014)
Something we'll be tracking next year at BJOL.
(Nov 06, 2014)
Playing where they're hit.
(Nov 01, 2014)
Please keep your acceptance speeches short.
(Oct 23, 2014)
We did not just say that!
(Oct 22, 2014)
The Cal Ripkens of the Mound.
(Oct 21, 2014)
Looking back on events from 2014 that mostly didn't happen.
(Oct 17, 2014)
Bill doesn't have anything to write about, but when did that ever stop him?
(Oct 09, 2014)
A few questions about the Royals approach to offense.
(Oct 09, 2014)
This game rocks (back and forth).
(Oct 08, 2014)
Taking stock of the outfielders and pitchers.
(Oct 03, 2014)
What's in an oxymoron?
(Oct 02, 2014)
Once around the infield.
(Sep 19, 2014)
Some musings about icon-ness, and the Yankee shortstop.
(Sep 18, 2014)
Take a look behind those won-lost records.
(Sep 10, 2014)
What have they done for you lately?
(Sep 05, 2014)
Back of my neck is gettin' dirty and gritty.
(Aug 27, 2014)
Are Bob Dylan and Pete Rose REALLY the same age?
(Aug 23, 2014)
Oldies but goodies.
(Aug 22, 2014)
Who's at the top of the list?
(Aug 19, 2014)
A reader asks about the front-running Kansas City Royals.
(Aug 16, 2014)
Revisiting the Man on the Train.
(Jul 26, 2014)
Not as much as you might expect.
(Jul 22, 2014)
Is there a WAR against backstops?
(Jul 19, 2014)
The fleet of feet.
(Jul 16, 2014)
From Mickey Lolich to Jeremy Hellickson
(Jul 10, 2014)
Chapman, Cueto, and Seasons of Historic Significance.
(Jun 27, 2014)
It's the newest thing
(Jun 20, 2014)
The final seven.
(Jun 19, 2014)
Pedro vs. Sandy, Ryan vs. the Big Unit and the Hall of Fame Standards.
(Jun 18, 2014)
Roger Craig, Mike Garcia, and Leader Lists.
(Jun 18, 2014)
Musings on time, meteors, and the AL Central leaders.
(Jun 17, 2014)
The best, the worst, the luckiest, the unluckiest, and Gaylord Perry.
(Jun 16, 2014)
The first seven of 35 parts.
(Jun 13, 2014)
The coming attractions.
(Jun 11, 2014)
The most effective outfield arms so far.
(Jun 06, 2014)
Making the plays that once got away.
(Jun 02, 2014)
Richie Sexson and Dave Kingman have never been seen together.
(May 30, 2014)
What has Beckett begun?
(May 28, 2014)
Winning against winners and losers.
(May 24, 2014)
Musings on a maligned statistic.
(May 23, 2014)
Five Easy Pieces
(May 20, 2014)
Conditions are Favorable, Commander.
(May 17, 2014)
Checking the early returns
(May 16, 2014)
More fun with pitching stats.
(May 15, 2014)
Joey Votto shifts a paradigm, and we discuss Willie McGee.
(May 13, 2014)
Is there a New Normal?
(May 10, 2014)
There's a surprising difference between the two leagues.
(May 09, 2014)
One isn't necessarily the other.
(May 07, 2014)
Colbert, 3-D, Conservatives, Kansas.
(May 02, 2014)
Bill has gone to Italy, but before he left us he warbled on for damned near 30 pages about the potential uses of the concept of potential.
(Apr 29, 2014)
Warm and Fuzzy Logic.
(Apr 26, 2014)
Who's been packing the leather?
(Apr 23, 2014)
A few quick thoughts about the rules.
(Apr 22, 2014)
Persistence of Effectiveness in the Relief Corps
(Apr 21, 2014)
Getting with the program
(Apr 17, 2014)
Horseshoes, Hand Grenades and Sabermetrics
(Apr 14, 2014)
Some days a pitcher is just ON.
(Apr 10, 2014)
A tiny bit of structured political theory.
(Apr 07, 2014)
The Five Standards approach to identifying the best seasons.
(Apr 06, 2014)
A review of the 2014 MLB Opening Day in Australia.
(Mar 31, 2014)
Just research.
(Mar 26, 2014)
Reviewing some prior findings.
(Mar 24, 2014)
Can four men share a biography?
(Mar 19, 2014)
Bold predictions for the coming season, mostly featuring Billy Hamilton.
(Mar 11, 2014)
Guess which team will go from worst to one of the best.
(Feb 26, 2014)
And the best number for a pitcher is...
(Feb 26, 2014)
The Netherlands set the record for dominance.
(Feb 25, 2014)
What is a pitcher's best number?
(Feb 20, 2014)
Our annual attempt to predict a winner from last season's losing teams.
(Feb 13, 2014)
Who gets into the smallest Hall-of-Fame ever?
(Feb 13, 2014)
Tune in
(Feb 13, 2014)
Garret Richards is the new Ed Walsh
(Feb 11, 2014)
Bedford Falls Welcomes You
(Feb 10, 2014)
Challenging your assumptions about Bedford Falls...
(Jan 31, 2014)
Has The System lost its touch?
(Jan 29, 2014)
Jack Morris (and Bert Blyleven)
(Jan 28, 2014)
Other Ways of Looking at the Data
(Jan 27, 2014)
Big Games By Teams
(Jan 26, 2014)
The Ten Best Big-Game Pitchers in the Data
(Jan 25, 2014)
Jim Kaat
(Jan 24, 2014)
Naming Names
(Jan 23, 2014)
So who pitched the most Big Games?
(Jan 22, 2014)
The Biggest of Games
(Jan 22, 2014)
It Matters.
(Jan 21, 2014)
When Exactly Is a Team Virtually Eliminated?
(Jan 20, 2014)
Intro to a new ten-part series.
(Jan 10, 2014)
Who saved the most runs with their arms?
(Jan 08, 2014)
The results are in for our annual election.
(Jan 07, 2014)
Some scattered memories of a great pitcher.
(Dec 30, 2013)
Looking at both pitchers and catchers.
(Dec 17, 2013)
Considering the careers of two first baseman.
(Dec 11, 2013)
Trying to make sense of the Yankees off-season.
(Dec 10, 2013)
Who were 2013's best bunters?
(Nov 27, 2013)
Examining those on and off the ballot.
(Nov 27, 2013)
Our sixth year of voting shows a ballot slightly less crowded than the BBWAA version.
(Nov 20, 2013)
The Last Five Candidates
(Nov 18, 2013)
The first seven players
(Nov 18, 2013)
On the new Hall of Fame process
(Nov 18, 2013)
The first of a four-part series.
(Nov 15, 2013)
What do the numbers say?
(Nov 06, 2013)
Checking in on some bold predictions for 2013.
(Nov 06, 2013)
How often does it happen?
(Oct 29, 2013)
The very best at each position.
(Oct 23, 2013)
The best of the Red Sox and Redbirds, as constructed from the rosters of 1946, 1967, 2004, and 2013.
(Oct 22, 2013)
Which team had the better defense?
(Oct 14, 2013)
Because we can't argue Trout vs. Cabrera every year...
(Oct 08, 2013)
Outfielders and pitchers
(Oct 07, 2013)
From Kenny Powers to the World Series.
(Oct 04, 2013)
Today, the catchers and infielders.
(Oct 03, 2013)
Slugger Dud Duos
(Oct 02, 2013)
Part I: What are the odds of a recovery?
(Sep 25, 2013)
Move over, Andrelton
(Sep 25, 2013)
What does it really take to get a W?
(Sep 15, 2013)
Break out the stopwatch.
(Sep 11, 2013)
Let's look at the data.
(Sep 10, 2013)
The rest of the best.
(Sep 09, 2013)
A multi-article review of the top dynasties in football history.
(Sep 07, 2013)
What can we expect from the Cincinnati speedster?
(Aug 28, 2013)
In the end, where does he rate?
(Aug 20, 2013)
A record has been broken.
(Aug 19, 2013)
Imagining a parallel universe, where A-Rod talks about nano-robots.
(Aug 15, 2013)
Beyond ERA
(Jul 31, 2013)
Who are you going to believe: Me, or everybody else?
(Jul 30, 2013)
Pitching in a Pinch
(Jul 29, 2013)
Mama Told Me There'd be Days Like This. . .
(Jul 26, 2013)
If a player hits 50 doubles in a season, how many will he hit in a career?
(Jul 25, 2013)
Not shifty...shifting!
(Jul 16, 2013)
Taking a look at the Orioles third baseman, and remembering League Park.
(Jul 12, 2013)
What's the right strategy?
(Jul 12, 2013)
When you're hot you're not, and when you're not, you're hot.
(Jun 30, 2013)
What should you pay, in other skills, for command of the strike zone?
(Jun 27, 2013)
What's the temperature, Pittsburgh?
(Jun 20, 2013)
The best newbies to date.
(Jun 19, 2013)
...from Manny Machado to Phil Niekro in 90 seconds.
(Jun 15, 2013)
Is Matt Harvey just a rabbit?
(Jun 11, 2013)
Standard Deviations of OPS.
(Jun 09, 2013)
Do doubles become homers, as a player ages, or do dragon flies become helicopters?
(Jun 04, 2013)
Who is Ted Williams, when Ted Williams isn't there?
(May 30, 2013)
The biggest contributors so far.
(May 28, 2013)
What do you make of a new acquaintance?
(May 24, 2013)
When you've seen one Hall of Famer, maybe you have seen two.
(May 23, 2013)
The best and the worst on the basepaths, and a Carlos Beltran retrospective for fun.
(May 21, 2013)
What happens when the umpire has a plane to catch?
(May 19, 2013)
On the Giants, and their unique approach at becoming a dynasty.
(May 16, 2013)
Comparing a trio of .300 hitters.
(May 14, 2013)
Reckoning the gloves.
(May 13, 2013)
What if Juan Pierre couldn't run, either?
(May 10, 2013)
The Man From the Train is on the loose again.
(May 09, 2013)
Comparing groups of candidates.
(May 04, 2013)
Who are his pitching comparables, relatively speaking.
(Apr 25, 2013)
Deliveries and pops.
(Apr 19, 2013)
Yes, teams are getting shiftier.
(Apr 19, 2013)
Did the movie capture the true Jackie Robinson?
(Apr 18, 2013)
The parallel lives of the new Mickey Mantle and the new Chuck Klein.
(Apr 09, 2013)
Working through one of the giant murder cases.
(Apr 08, 2013)
...shrinking history.
(Apr 03, 2013)
Projecting fielding performances by player and team.
(Mar 31, 2013)
Our annual attempt to predict the coming baseball season. Now with 10% more forecast, and 10% less fear.
(Mar 28, 2013)
Can spring training stats yield a clue?
(Mar 23, 2013)
Getting away from HR, RBI, and BA for a moment. Also: bottle bats.
(Mar 17, 2013)
What should we expect from the Angles outfielder in 2013?
(Mar 13, 2013)
The Outfielders
(Mar 04, 2013)
Cheddar Cheese and Ping Bodie.
(Mar 02, 2013)
Jose Altuve's place in recent baseball history.
(Mar 01, 2013)
A ground ball a day keeps Dave Duncan away.
(Feb 27, 2013)
Taking in the infield corners
(Feb 22, 2013)
The famous writer sends us stories from spring training.
(Feb 20, 2013)
The third in a series.
(Feb 19, 2013)
Leading off, the middle infield.
(Feb 19, 2013)
Applying Hall of Fame standards to managers since the 1950s.
(Feb 18, 2013)
the first of a three-part series about Managing your way to upstate New York.
(Feb 08, 2013)
Which teams have the potential to surprise us this year? Also: a new and completely made-up metric: Team Surprise Score.
(Feb 08, 2013)
Celebrating a decade's worth of detailed fielding data.
(Feb 04, 2013)
Racism and Crime in The Biggest Little City.
(Jan 26, 2013)
49ers by a landslide
(Jan 24, 2013)
Conspiracy theories, WAR, and a search for the link between Blyleven and Clemens.
(Jan 18, 2013)
Which outfielders had the biggest impact with their arms last year?
(Jan 11, 2013)
The best hitting catcher in history wasn't too shabby behind the plate, either.
(Jan 04, 2013)
The trends, or lack thereof, in managerial hiring.
(Dec 29, 2012)
A record-breaking turnout....who makes it this year?
(Dec 28, 2012)
Baseball, Basketball, Politics and Abstract Philosophy.
(Dec 27, 2012)
A few snippets from articles I haven't managed to write. With special guest Alou Whittammell.
(Dec 25, 2012)
continuing the previous debate.
(Dec 22, 2012)
The flash and flush of leather.
(Dec 17, 2012)
A few observations on the Hot Stove action.
(Dec 17, 2012)
This time, the pitches.
(Dec 12, 2012)
Conceptual fallout from the Wil Myers trade.
(Dec 08, 2012)
A look inside the book.
(Nov 29, 2012)
It's that time of the year again, so get your ballots in.. Also: our 'Hall' is moving...
(Nov 28, 2012)
Runs, home runs and foul outs.
(Nov 25, 2012)
Seeing Whales in the Clouds.
(Nov 15, 2012)
On Trout, Cabrera, WAR...and Bobby Bonilla. Of course.
(Nov 13, 2012)
Rating the best and the worst.
(Nov 06, 2012)
Ruminating about Politics. Bill is betting he can still find something to say that nobody else has thought of.
(Nov 04, 2012)
Looking back on the 2012 that should've been, but mostly wasn't.
(Nov 02, 2012)
How old is the average major league franchise?
(Oct 25, 2012)
Congrats to the six first-time winners and three returnees.
(Oct 25, 2012)
Fond memories of an old Train Wreck.
(Oct 24, 2012)
Who was the most successful bunter in the majors?
(Oct 17, 2012)
What did the Division Series tell us about pitching, defense, and hitting? Also: Prince Fielder and 'protection.'
(Oct 05, 2012)
How should teams pitch in Wild Card games?
(Oct 04, 2012)
This second installment takes in the outfielders and pitchers.
(Oct 02, 2012)
Inspired by John Carter's article.
(Sep 30, 2012)
Where do the Yanks compare in history?
(Sep 26, 2012)
Ted Williams and the Umpires
(Sep 26, 2012)
What if Joe DiMaggio had played in a better park?
(Sep 21, 2012)
Plus, players who have changed positions.
(Sep 10, 2012)
On the National's controversial decision to bench Stephen Strasburg.
(Sep 07, 2012)
...and the worst.
(Sep 05, 2012)
The Orioles are outperforming their expected W-L record. How rare is this, and what does it hint at for the future?
(Sep 02, 2012)
Ranking the bullpens by ERA.
(Aug 26, 2012)
Thoughts on the big deal.
(Aug 25, 2012)
Comebacks, public relations, and delaying the inevitible.
(Aug 21, 2012)
Bill suggests a new suspect for the Zodiac case.
(Aug 20, 2012)
Who would think an Iowa barn could be such a dangerous place?
(Aug 14, 2012)
A detour through a couple of probably unrelated crimes.
(Aug 08, 2012)
Every Season Needs a Triple Crown Winner.
(Aug 07, 2012)
Measuring the connexion.
(Jul 30, 2012)
Picking up on Bill's recent Dyansties article, John goes further back in time.
(Jul 29, 2012)
Taking a closer look at the numbers.
(Jul 26, 2012)
Where they don't play baseball anymore.
(Jul 23, 2012)
What is a dynasty, exactly? Bill proposes a method to answer to that question, and rates the 37 dynasties of baseball history.
(Jul 17, 2012)
Let's take the shift into account before we jump to conclusions.
(Jul 16, 2012)
Updating the Speed Score formula
(Jul 15, 2012)
From 1950 to today.
(Jul 14, 2012)
Who are the number one starters? Number two's? Three's?
(Jun 29, 2012)
We ask the inevitable question.
(Jun 28, 2012)
Adding a boost to the least productive position in baseball.
(Jun 21, 2012)
Available for free: The Greatest Games. . .and the Greatest Pitchers.
(Jun 17, 2012)
...and who are the worst?
(Jun 15, 2012)
There's some movement among the top ten pitchers.
(Jun 13, 2012)
The difference between skepticism and cynicism.
(Jun 10, 2012)
...a hard-working sabermetric analysis of the question of how baseball history should be divided into eras--with an actual answer to the question.
(Jun 08, 2012)
Who's getting the most done with the least?
(Jun 08, 2012)
[snoring noise in background...]
(May 28, 2012)
Murder on an Iowa farm.
(May 25, 2012)
John's final article in his series of milestone performances.
(May 25, 2012)
A team-by-team look at the starting staffs.
(May 24, 2012)
In honor of Moyer and Mo
(May 23, 2012)
...and we're not talking career comebacks.
(May 23, 2012)
The third in a series
(May 22, 2012)
Hall of Fame pitchers who were still pitching well at 42+
(May 21, 2012)
John returns with the first of several articles highlighting aged hurlers.
(May 19, 2012)
The Man From The Train 2
(May 18, 2012)
The details behind a lesser-known murder case.
(May 17, 2012)
This week's rankings.
(May 16, 2012)
The hottest trend in baseball.
(May 16, 2012)
Notes while watching the game
(May 10, 2012)
No fair counting Darvish and Strasburg
(May 09, 2012)
Finishing up our survey of the graybeards of baseball.
(May 08, 2012)
A guest article by one of BJOL's members wonders why Omar Vizquel is getting the Moyerific love.
(May 07, 2012)
Research and reflections on the giants of the past.
(May 04, 2012)
...and the worst.
(May 03, 2012)
Jake Peavy is coming on strong.
(May 02, 2012)
The thrilling conclusion of yesterday's dramatic episode.
(May 01, 2012)
How can we tell if two murders are related?
(Apr 30, 2012)
Looking for more strikeouts? Be Patient.
(Apr 28, 2012)
Checking in with the next generation of stars.
(Apr 26, 2012)
Where does perfection get you?
(Apr 24, 2012)
The early returns.
(Apr 21, 2012)
Should we run with the Bulls or sweat out the Heat?
(Apr 20, 2012)
Raising Cain!
(Apr 19, 2012)
There's gold in them numbers.
(Apr 12, 2012)
The latest update
(Apr 07, 2012)
Historical context for the news of the day.
(Apr 06, 2012)
Verlander, Halladay open strong.
(Apr 05, 2012)
Three games into the season, things change.
(Apr 03, 2012)
The leading indicator of spring training.
(Apr 03, 2012)
To celebrate Opening Day Part II, we're making forty-five bold predictions for the 2012 baseball season.
(Apr 03, 2012)
The World's Number One Starting Pitcher
(Mar 31, 2012)
Stare Decisis, Citizen's United, Connie Hawkins and 130-some Comeback Players of the Year.
(Mar 30, 2012)
Continuing the conversation.
(Mar 24, 2012)
An all-in-one stat.
(Mar 23, 2012)
Bill attempts once more to demonstrate that there is nothing so obscure he won't reckon there is some way to measure it.
(Mar 20, 2012)
Bill debates his friends about the value of The Ted Williams Shift.
(Mar 16, 2012)
What does history tell us about the future of the Dodger's first baseman?
(Mar 14, 2012)
What's the difference between Alfonso Soriano and Jason Bay?
(Mar 01, 2012)
A look ahead.
(Feb 27, 2012)
Do fielding stats have staying power?
(Feb 26, 2012)
Which baseball team has the best chance to surprise us in 2012?
(Feb 23, 2012)
What's the range of potential fielding contributions from right fielders?
(Feb 13, 2012)
Available March 1st!