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by Bill James
A discussion regarding the nature of statistical analysis.
(Jan 04, 2019)
(Jan 03, 2019)
Welcome to the Cooperstown, Rusty.
(Jan 02, 2019)
ten days afterwards, some thoughts
(Dec 29, 2018)
Welcome to Cooperstown's newest attraction
(Dec 27, 2018)
John presents the arguments against banning or limiting the shift.
(Dec 27, 2018)
The voting has closed, and the results are in. It's the Sandman and the Slugger.....
(Dec 22, 2018)
or Directors of Photography or Decimal Places or Dave Parker or Diastolic Pressure….
(Dec 20, 2018)
John hands out awards for some the game's significant though less heralded accomplishments.
(Dec 16, 2018)
Taking an early look at the 2019 "Hall of Fame Tracker", with some history and some early observations.​
(Dec 14, 2018)
Time for Bill James Online members to cast your votes.
(Dec 11, 2018)
Love this SotW! Perhaps not the most prestigious of awards but unique and important nevertheless.
(Dec 09, 2018)
I told the author that I wanted two copies and a power scrotum to hold them in. So far only the one copy has arrived.
(Dec 08, 2018)
Analyzing the BBWAA Hall of Fame predictions submitted by our member community
(Dec 06, 2018)
John previews the College Football Playoff field in this week's Stat of the Week
(Dec 04, 2018)
Finding a surprise culprit for the crowded Hall-of-Fame ballot.
There are 1864 articles available here.
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