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There are 1965 articles available here.
by Bill James
A discussion regarding the nature of statistical analysis.
(May 20, 2019)
The Second Division
(May 20, 2019)
Are defensive shifts losing their effectiveness? Alex takes a closer look and in the process introduces a fun new acronym to the lexicon.
(May 19, 2019)
Revisiting October 10, 1963
(May 18, 2019)
A new method.
(May 18, 2019)
With apologies to Lennon and McCartney, taking a look back at one of Bill's "favorite" rookie classes.​
(May 15, 2019)
An article from my upcoming book
(May 14, 2019)
Warren, Biden gain ground after strong results against Buttigieg and Harris.
(May 10, 2019)
Trump slumps.
(May 10, 2019)
Some notes, preliminary to actually studying the subject (note split infinitive)
(May 09, 2019)
The usual suspects sit atop Bill's No. 1 Starting Pitcher Rankings. But who are some of the interesting ascendant pitchers behind them? Mark tells you in this week's Stat of the Week.
(May 09, 2019)
A crime story from Floating Kansas.
(May 09, 2019)
Nothing much happening.
(May 08, 2019)
Ryan had a bad day.
(May 07, 2019)
Updating and further explaining the polls.
(May 06, 2019)
The first published results from my daily Presidential polls.
There are 1965 articles available here.
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