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(Dec 28, 2020)
Here's a hour out of your week that you'll never get back.
(Dec 28, 2020)
Mark hands out some of the most unique awards you'll encounter this season.
(Dec 27, 2020)
Taking an early look at the 2021 "Hall of Fame Tracker", with some history and some early observations​​
(Dec 24, 2020)
Analyzing the BBWAA Hall of Fame predictions submitted by our member community
(Dec 22, 2020)
2 pitching candidates. 1 job opening. Pop quiz, hotshot. What do you do?
(Dec 19, 2020)
In her first article for Bill James Online, Sarah makes the case for Patrick Mahomes for MVP.
(Dec 19, 2020)
Time for Bill James Online members to cast your votes.
(Dec 14, 2020)
A little nuts-and-bolts (mostly nuts) discussion on the writing of biographies
(Dec 10, 2020)
This week we crown the season's best defenders in Korea and Japan.
(Dec 07, 2020)
The latest installment of an annual Bill James Online member project. Read....participate....and (eventually) vote.
(Dec 06, 2020)
yet another installation on a subject that you may well be bored by several installations ago
(Dec 04, 2020)
What effect does a rough 30-game season have on Andrelton Simmons' value?
(Dec 04, 2020)
A friend once suggested that when eligible, Tim Hudson, Mark Mulder, and Barry Zito should appear on the ballot together as a single player.
(Dec 02, 2020)
Contributing - perhaps - to Bill's critique of WAR.
(Dec 01, 2020)
an update on an old article
There are 2332 articles available here.
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