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by Bill James
Public Announcement
(Apr 05, 2020)
Through the late 1930s
(Apr 04, 2020)
The series continues, this time looking at great utility players
(Apr 04, 2020)
Shifting Course a Little Bit
(Apr 03, 2020)
Catching our breath before we continue.
(Apr 03, 2020)
An intro to looking at MLB historically if it had been organized more along the lines of boxing
(Apr 02, 2020)
Let's turn two. Keep him close, Charlie.
(Apr 01, 2020)
Getting into Fielding Now.
(Apr 01, 2020)
March Madness tourney to name the best defender in MLB of the 21st century. This is exactly what we need right now!
(Mar 31, 2020)
The NL West is home to a few stout defenses. Mark breaks down the teams who've benefitted the most from their crafty glove work.
(Mar 31, 2020)
Mark serves up some tasty nuggets from this year's Fielding Bible.
(Mar 31, 2020)
Still workin' on my project.
(Mar 30, 2020)
How many people DIDN'T you walk?
(Mar 29, 2020)
The "Dan Marks Era" review continues with a look at shortstops.
(Mar 28, 2020)
Those Boring, Fascist strikeouts
(Mar 27, 2020)
Moving the ball on the research.
There are 2070 articles available here.
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