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by Bill James
A discussion regarding the nature of statistical analysis.
(Oct 12, 2019)
A closer look at the seasons of Hyun-Jin Ryu circa 2019 and Bob Gibson circa 1968, plus a quick review of the 2019 NL Cy Young Award contenders.
(Oct 12, 2019)
Trying to understand the thinking that motivated a year of bad predictions
(Oct 07, 2019)
Guest contributor Paresh Gupta offers a new method to measure postseason performance.
(Oct 01, 2019)
A look back at this season's best defensive players according to DRS.
(Oct 01, 2019)
Why yes, Lonnie Smith DOES still make the top 100.
(Sep 30, 2019)
2019 may not have gone well for the Reds but they have to be happy with the development of Luis Castillo, their new ace.
(Sep 24, 2019)
For those of you concerned about where Granny Hamner fits into baseball history.
(Sep 20, 2019)
I think George Brett is somewhere in the top 100. . .
(Sep 18, 2019)
Why yes, it IS time for a new Superstar second baseman to emerge. Maybe Altuve?
(Sep 17, 2019)
Reacting to the conversation
(Sep 16, 2019)
Still Larrupin' After all These Years
(Sep 13, 2019)
Heads it is Berra, tails it is Bench.
(Sep 12, 2019)
Alex highlights some remarkable performances from the Minor Leagues this year in this edition of Stat of the Week.
(Sep 12, 2019)
Explaining a new method. Results will start tomorrow.
(Sep 09, 2019)
Clemens clings to the lead.
There are 1975 articles available here.
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