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by Bill James
Public Announcement
(Nov 18, 2019)
A short summary of the much longer article about my studies of this issue.
(Nov 18, 2019)
Research into the MVP voting structure. Not the votes; the structure of the vote.
(Nov 16, 2019)
The Matts get most of the love out in Oakland for their work at the corners. However, in 2019 a surprising breakout emerged from the middle of the diamond.
(Nov 08, 2019)
An Open Competition
(Nov 08, 2019)
Lindsay examines some of the many similarities between the Nationals' aces.
(Nov 06, 2019)
Taking a look at alternate history - yesterday's Cy Young awards, but with today's standards
(Nov 05, 2019)
Oakland's Matts dominated the corners. Who else won a Fielding Bible Award in 2019?
(Nov 04, 2019)
All 3 parts consolidated into one article. Available to all readers.
(Nov 04, 2019)
1) Organize the data, 2) Shake it, 3) See what falls out.
(Oct 31, 2019)
This isn't actually that complicated.
(Oct 30, 2019)
Last in a three part-series
(Oct 29, 2019)
Second of a three-part series
(Oct 29, 2019)
A major improvement to Defensive Runs Saved!
(Oct 28, 2019)
First of a three-part series
(Oct 26, 2019)
Why has it withered?
There are 2026 articles available here.
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