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by Bill James
A discussion regarding the nature of statistical analysis.
(Mar 12, 2019)
another hole poked in another baseball anecdote
(Mar 11, 2019)
Applying a little retrospective vision to the NL of the 1960s
(Mar 11, 2019)
Because, why wait until the decade is over? Also, I celebrate a milestone.
(Mar 07, 2019)
A lot has been made about Bryce Harper's defense. Mark zeroes in on Harper's outfield arm.
(Mar 06, 2019)
This is the most important article in this 13-part series. Please read and discuss.
(Mar 05, 2019)
Trying to look for the big picture.
(Mar 04, 2019)
The 2018 CASEY Award winner pays a visit to Reds Country
(Mar 03, 2019)
Now it’s time for—NEW RULES!
(Mar 01, 2019)
Two articles left in the series. After this one.
(Feb 28, 2019)
At least we are arguing now about seasons that you remember.
(Feb 27, 2019)
The ninth article in a continuing series.
(Feb 26, 2019)
The best pitchers of the early 1970s, season by season.
(Feb 26, 2019)
I posted this article yesterday, but somehow it got posted with an archive date which caused it to disappear, so I don't actually know whether it was ever visible to the readers. So I'm re-posting it.​
(Feb 22, 2019)
Ban the shift? Which one? Mark takes a look at the rise of outfield shifts and the teams using them most often.
(Feb 22, 2019)
Comparing the two Game Score systems.
There are 1864 articles available here.
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