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by Bill James
Public Announcement
(Aug 18, 2019)
Nobody feels any pain.
(Aug 17, 2019)
Houston, we have a poll.
(Aug 13, 2019)
Hickenlooper hacks down the Coffee Man.
(Aug 12, 2019)
Nothing to see here.
(Aug 10, 2019)
Back to the grind.
(Aug 09, 2019)
It's scorching in New York these days.
(Aug 06, 2019)
We will soldier on somehow without Mike Gravel.
(Aug 06, 2019)
Predicting is hard. A retrospective look at predictions of the future.
(Aug 05, 2019)
Hunter Renfoe is best known for his prodigious power. But with a glut of power hitting OFs, the Padres might have held onto him for something else: his defense.
(Aug 05, 2019)
Digging into Championship Win Probability Added....
(Aug 04, 2019)
Tulsi torches three rivals.
(Aug 02, 2019)
Yang has the mojo.
(Aug 01, 2019)
Two-day summary; quiet. Debate will surely change SOMETHING.
(Jul 31, 2019)
Late in the day, I know.
(Jul 28, 2019)
All Quiet on the Western Front.
There are 1996 articles available here.
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