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Bill James Handbook 2018 - 50%Off

February 23, 2018
Today only The Bill James Handbook 2018 (both paperback and spiral) will be HALF OFF plus free shipping.

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Improved! Hall of Fame Monitor
Exclusive! The Annual Fielding Bible Awards
Updated! Leader Boards, Defensive Shifts, Pitch Velocities, Managers, Park Indices
New! Hard Hit Balls Analysis
Complete! Career Data for Every 2017 Major Leaguer (and a few bonus players)
Unique! Win Shares, Career Targets, Shifts, Instant Replay Analysis
First! Remodeled Hitter & Pitcher Projections for 2018

Bill James and the Baseball Info Solutions team of analysts continue to pack in new content, including a fresh look at the continued rise and effectiveness of The Shift and a new breakdown of home runs and long flyouts. And, as always, the book forecasts fresh hitter and pitcher projections for those looking to get an early jump on the next season.

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COMMENTS (5 Comments, most recent shown first)

10:18 PM Mar 7th
Not to whine, but a one-day, half-off thing is great, but how many of us visit the site DAILY?!?

How about a BJOL member discount or something? I blindly purchase the book every year, but a random one-day thing is kinda odd.
10:15 PM Mar 7th
I think they've hit the limit of what current spiral technology can handle.
1:30 PM Feb 27th
Brock Hanke
Thanks, John. I read this and immediaely went to the site and ordered mine. I love the spiral version. You can lay it down nice and flat while you copy the data you need.
1:22 PM Feb 25th
mmmmm, now they tell me!
8:07 PM Feb 23rd
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