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November 8, 2016
Your faithful Admin here, writing on behalf of Bill. Bill wants to apologize to any readers who recently submitted a question to Hey Bill. While attempting to respond, some questions were deleted due to some technical glitches that we're currently working through. In the meantime, Bill will hold off on responding as he normally would so as to preserve your questions and answer them at a later date. Thanks for your patience.  

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I have to admit, it seems that beliefs like what I expressed are part of why it came out the way it did.​
1:46 PM Nov 9th
Say! It looks like Donald Trump has been elected President! Well, now, that is really quite something else.
2:58 AM Nov 9th
It's all good -- gives us a better chance to get out there and vote. :-)

C'mon everybody, let's get out there!
Mind you, I don't think everybody necessarily should vote. But especially this time, I think all smart people should vote, and that means us. :-)
11:41 AM Nov 8th
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