Jose Fernandez

September 26, 2016

Whether or not you are a Marlins fan or even a baseball fan, it’s difficult not to be saddened by the passing of Jose Fernandez. In only his fourth year in the majors and still only 24 years of age, Fernandez was making an impact in the baseball world. Not only was he an example on how to properly enjoy playing the game—cheering on his teammates in memorable fashion, getting arrested by the Philly Phanatic—he was also tearing his way to the top of the league.

Strikeouts Per 9 Innings
2016 Leaders
  Strikeout to Walk Ratio
2016 Leaders
Pitcher K/9   Pitcher K/BB
Jose Fernandez 12.49   Rick Porcello 6.10
Robbie Ray 11.40   Josh Tomlin 5.75
Max Scherzer 11.06   Max Scherzer 5.14
Noah Syndergaard 10.64   Chris Sale 5.00
Michael Pineda 10.61   Noah Syndergaard 4.88
Chris Archer 10.54   David Price 4.83
Madison Bumgarner 10.09   Matt Shoemaker 4.77
Jon Gray 10.07   Madison Bumgarner 4.64
Justin Verlander 9.89   Danny Duffy 4.63
Drew Pomeranz 9.78   Jose Fernandez 4.60


This season, his Strikeouts per Nine Innings is ranked 1st in all of baseball, and well ahead of the competition, while his Strikeout to Walk Ratio is also ranked in the Top 10, all while coming back from Tommy John Surgery. Given a couple more years to build toward higher workloads, he likely would have led baseball in strikeouts.

Because of his high strikeout rate, it’s no surprise that he’s also leading in Fielding Independent Pitching this season, with only one other pitcher coming close to his number.

Fielding Independent Pitching
2016 Leaders
Pitcher FIP
Jose Fernandez 2.29
Noah Syndergaard 2.34
Johnny Cueto 3.03
Max Scherzer 3.15
Corey Kluber 3.19
Kyle Hendricks 3.26
Madison Bumgarner 3.27
Jon Lester 3.34
Rick Porcello 3.36
Chris Sale 3.38


We are deeply saddened, not only at the loss of such a great baseball talent, but the loss of a young man who had so much more to do in life. This particular young man brought so much joy to what he did every day and the best way any of us can honor his memory is to do the same and make the most of what we do each and every day.


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Unprecedented loss of an active player during the regular season

Can't even think of a comparable death in any major sport?

This wasn't a promising rookie or an aging over-the-hill former star - this was one of the 10 best pitchers in all of baseball with an established record of domination
8:17 PM Sep 27th
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