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February 25, 2021

            Occasionally people ask me to mention things I am doing on the air, that they could perhaps follow.   I did an interview with David Laurila I think for Fangraphs. . ..will be embarrassed if I am wrong about that. . .anyway, that is supposed to be posted Friday morning.   I have a lot of respect for Dave; he works very hard and he asks good questions. Today I have done a newspaper interview with somebody in Toronto (Dave Feschuk) about a hockey star who has a very high number of goals relative to scoring context; I passed him on to Tom Tango, since Tom knows a billion times more about hockey than I do, but I talked to him for 20 minutes before that.   Then I did a TV interview in Halifax, Nova Scotia, related to The Man from the Train.  I don’t know when it will air or any specifics.  Tomorrow morning I have something, as well, but I’m not sure right now what it is.   Not usually this busy. 


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I started a thread in Reader Posts on the interview with David Laurila. The first post provides a more complete description of that interview in case anyone here would like to read that.

1:14 PM Feb 28th
The one I added this morning was CBS, for a larger show about analytics, will interview Daryl Morey and many others. Show won't run for several weeks.
4:05 PM Feb 26th
Bill -- I think we all had the impression you're always this busy!!
11:33 PM Feb 25th
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