The fewest RBI of all time?

May 30, 2006
The lowest RBI total for a regular player during a season is 12 shared by two players. Enzo Hernandez had 12 RBI in his rookie season for the Padres in 1971, and the aptly nicknamed Goat Anderson managed just 12 ribbies for the Pirates during his ONLY season in major league baseball in 1907.

However, Enzo takes the title by having the fewest RBI with the most at bats. His RBI percentage (12 RBI in 549 at bats) is only 2.19% while Goat managed a resounding 2.91% in his 413 at bats. Goat had 80 walks which allowed him to surpass our 501 plate appearance qualification to make the list.

No regular has ever been below two percent in RBI percentage. Until maybe this year. Juan Pierre of the Cubs doubled his RBI total for the season this past weekend after going 45 consecutive games (over a month and a half!) without a ribbie. That brought him up to four RBI in all. His RBI percentage now stands at 1.88%. Here are the “leaders” for this season:

  Name                   RBI   AB   RBI%
1 Juan Pierre, Cubs        4  213  1.88%
2 Cory Sullivan, Rockies   8  180  4.44%
3 Aaron Miles, Cardinals   6  125  4.80%
4 Ryan Freel, Reds         7  139  5.04%
5 Nate McLouth, Pirates    7  125  5.60%

(minimum 100 at bats)


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