The 10 Levels Study

June 13, 2014

                I have written an article called The 10 Levels Study.  The article in its entirety has 35 pieces and runs 64 pages, so I have broken it down into five smaller articles of seven pieces each, which will run here next week from Monday to Friday.  These are the 35 little articles:



1.  The Bad Warren Spahn

2.  Pedro Ramos, 1960

3.  Explaining My Study in Very General Terms

4.  I Never Knew That

5.  Starting on Two Days Rest

6.  Stieb and Spahn

7.  More About How the Method Works



8.   The Won-Lost Record is 50% Luck

9.   Quality of Opposition (Career)

10.  Steve Carlton, 1980

11.  18-11

12.  1975 Dodgers

13.  Don Drysdale, 1964

14.  Nolan Ryan and John Halama



15.  Roger Craig, 1963

16.  Rotation Patterns

17.  Why the Steroid Era Creates Dominant Pitchers 

(Apart from the fact that Pitchers Also Used Steroids)

18.  Good Game Percentage Leaders

19.  Performance Norms At Each Level

20.  Leader Lists

21.  Mike Garcia, 1954



22.  A Hall of Fame Standard

23.  Run Support and the Cy Young Award

24.   Ferguson Jenkins, 1974

25.  Nolan Ryan and the Big Unit

26.  Pedro vs. Koufax, or 29 vs. 40

27.  Park Effects and Cy Young Voting

28.   Quality of Competition in a Season



29.  Decision Theory

30.  Herb Score Vs. Don Newcombe, 1956

31. Has There Ever Been A Cy Young Pitcher Who Was In Reality A Below-Average Pitcher?

32.  Has There Ever Been a 20-Game Winner Who Was Really Below Average?

33.  Back to Drysdale

34.  Turley Vs. Ford, 1958

35.  The 29 Pitchers Who Probably Should Have Won the Cy Young Award


COMMENTS (10 Comments, most recent shown first)

Jemanji, My wife hardly notices the $3 a month. She might notice the $9.
9:30 PM Jun 15th
Why does this site only cost $3 a month? Serious question.

Five or six years back, we charged $9 per month for our little M's site and just about everybody who woulda paid $3, paid $9.

It's a little bit like Will Smith negotiating for his movies to cost $1, all showings.

7:36 PM Jun 14th
Soccer is taking up most of my month. However, I am certainly looking forward eagerly to parts 1 (although until the end of his career, I'm ot aware of where Spahn could be called "bad"), 6 (I believe I brought this comparison up), 8 (Amen!!!! if not more), 13 (along with 1959, one of his few really great seasons), 17 (pitchers played a greater role in that era than in any other, probably, since 1920), 30 (Newcombe's 1956 season was one of the luckiest in history), and 34 (Turley's 1958 season was rather fortunate as well although he certainly came through in October.)
8:20 AM Jun 14th
Uhm... that's what I said!
6:36 PM Jun 13th
Good subjects. Tango, I think the 29 and 40 means starts, Pedro had 29 starts in 1999, Sandy had 40 starts in 1963.

Take Care,
Tom Nahigian
5:39 PM Jun 13th
We can try to decipher what the article titles mean. This for example refers to the number of starts per season:

"26. Pedro vs. Koufax, or 29 vs. 40"

4:19 PM Jun 13th
Oh, man. I was hoping to get some stuff done next week. :)
2:38 PM Jun 13th
Several of us question your methodology.

10:29 AM Jun 13th
Soooo, teasing us, eh?

7:42 AM Jun 13th
Can't wait!
6:43 AM Jun 13th
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