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Who Gives a Shift?
We did not just say that!
Rotation Emperors
The Cal Ripkens of the Mound.
50 Fearless Forecasts, Reconsidered
Looking back on events from 2014 that mostly didn't happen.
Four Note Nothing
Bill doesn't have anything to write about, but when did that ever stop him?
Contact, Speed, and the 2014 Royals
A few questions about the Royals approach to offense.
This game rocks (back and forth).
Who are the 2014 Fielding Bible Award / Gold Glove Contenders? (Part II)
Taking stock of the outfielders and pitchers.​

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Team ratings are based on regular season results.

The NFL Power Ratings from 10/28/2014 are:



Denver Broncos 115.2
Kansas City Chiefs 109.9
Indianapolis Colts 109.7
Baltimore Ravens 108.4
San Diego Chargers 108.2


Arizona Cardinals 106.0
Philadelphia Eagles 105.5
Seattle Seahawks 104.9
Dallas Cowboys 103.6
San Francisco 49ers 103.0


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