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Followup to "Eddie Gaedel v. MLB"
A short tale fleshing out my previous piece about little people in MLB
Strong Franchises and Weak
Introduces a method to mark periods of strength and weakness in the history of each franchise.
“Who Created All the Stars?” (part 3)
Finally, the long-awaited conclusion to the series!
The Three Man Starting Rotation
Article advocates an alternative to the currently dominant method of running a pitching staff.
2016 BJOL HOF Ballot
Get your vote on.
Kansas City Then and Now
Eventually this article relates to the present. . .

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Rankings and Ratings

The NFL Power Ratings from 11/24/2015 are:



New England Patriots 113.6
Cincinnati Bengals 108.8
Kansas City Chiefs 107.4
Pittsburgh Steelers 104.8
Denver Broncos 104.1


Arizona Cardinals 110.0
Carolina Panthers 108.5
Green Bay Packers 104.7
Seattle Seahawks 103.5
New York Giants 101.0


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