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Fielding Bible Plus/Minus Sample

Derek Jeter



This is a sophisticated fielding profile, as presented in John Dewan’s The Fielding Bible Volume II. It includes Plus/Minus, which represents the number of plays the player made above/below the number that an average fielder would make, according to the video scouts at Baseball Info Solutions. We also rate corner infielders for their handling of bunts, middle infielders for their work on the double play, and outfielders for how often they have thrown out baserunners ("Kills") and how often they have allowed them to take the extra base. "Rank" shows the player’s ranking in a particular category among qualifying players at his position (usually around 30).

The profile also includes Defensive Runs Saved, which compiles all of the ratings into a single number that equals the number of actual runs saved or allowed by the fielder, compared to average. Pitchers and catchers are not included. We show data broken out separately by position.

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