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Rankings and Ratings

World's #1 Starting Pitcher Rankings:

Rank Name Score
1 Max Scherzer 598.6
2 Chris Sale 596.3
3 Corey Kluber 568.6
4 Justin Verlander 558.9
5 Jacob Degrom 553.4
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Bill James Life In Prison Baseball Game (complete rules)
I am going back to work on the game now. This the complete rules, pages 1 through 42, all of which I tried to post before, but I messed something up...
The 2018 NL MVP candidates
Poking around in the NL MVP-related data.
The NL MVP/Total Runs Race is Tight
The NL MVP race is wide open. This week, John takes a closer look at each of the contenders.
Bill James Life in Prison Baseball Game, Final Installment of the Rulebook
Wrapping up the rulebook. We've still got a lot of work to do.
Prison Baseball Game. . .forget which number this is
Usage Rules for pitchers and Game Limitations for Batters.
The Home Run Tens
Continuing to roll out the game.
The Diamondbacks' Amazing Defense
Roster depth and an increase use of the shift have catapulted the Diamondbacks from one of baseball's worst defensive teams to one of its best.

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