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by Bill James
A discussion regarding the nature of statistical analysis.
(Dec 13, 2017)
Some thoughts on the newest member of the Hall of Fame.
(Dec 12, 2017)
Time for Bill James Online members to vote.....
(Dec 11, 2017)
Continuing the series. This was supposed to appear this morning at sunup. Apparently I screwed up the process. Sorry.
(Dec 10, 2017)
Taking an early look at the "Hall of Fame Tracker", with some history and some early observations
(Dec 08, 2017)
The winter meetings start next week. John takes a look at those free agents who should expect a nice pay day based on their defensive prowess.
(Dec 08, 2017)
Continuing the series begun yesterday.
(Dec 07, 2017)
Starting a series of articles. I promise to finish at least the first six.
(Dec 06, 2017)
Featuring some tall tales, a glimpse of Marilyn Monroe, and a circumcision.
(Dec 06, 2017)
Listing all of the entries, and looking at some summary data
(Dec 02, 2017)
There's still time to get your entries in....
(Dec 02, 2017)
Curious who 2017's best bunters were? Look no further!
(Nov 30, 2017)
True story, bro
(Nov 28, 2017)
OK, non-clickbait title: How Sabermetrics Is Capable of Ruining Baseball
(Nov 28, 2017)
The latest installment of an annual Bill James Online member project. Read....participate....and (eventually) vote.
(Nov 27, 2017)
Timeline research.
There are 1593 articles available here.
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