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by Bill James
A discussion regarding the nature of statistical analysis.
(Jun 14, 2018)
The Phillies are sooo bad at shifting this year. How bad are they??? Just ask Jake Arrieta.
(Jun 08, 2018)
For years, Clayton Kershaw dominated the World's Best Starting Pitcher Rankings. Mark looks at baseball's new starting pitcher landscape.
(Jun 06, 2018)
Which teams can claim the best hitter and the best pitcher in a league, and how have they fared?
(Jun 01, 2018)
Just how good has Lorenzo Cain been defensively? Well, John is here to tell you!
(May 29, 2018)
Is there an objective trading policy that bad teams should stick to?
(May 25, 2018)
Pulling fly balls is a good thing. Mark takes a look at 3 middle infielders doing just that to level up.
(May 24, 2018)
Addendum; response to reader comment.
(May 24, 2018)
Bill just can't shut up about this Superstar nonsense.
(May 21, 2018)
A companion article to "So What is a Superstar", posted about two weeks ago.
(May 21, 2018)
Critiquing WAR by a sample size of one
(May 17, 2018)
Probably not the way he envisioned it going down but let's talk about Robbie Cano's Hall of Fame case!​
(May 15, 2018)
Minor league Statcast data! Baseball Info Solutions is at it again.
(May 12, 2018)
Reviewing the curious case of Nick Markakis and his pursuit of 3,000 hits.
(May 11, 2018)
Thoughts on Loss Shares
(May 10, 2018)
Bryce is not just Brentz anymore.
There are 1678 articles available here.
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