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by Bill James
A discussion regarding the nature of statistical analysis.
(Feb 19, 2018)
With the US under-performing in freestyle skiing and speed skating, Norway is pacing the field in the medal count.
(Feb 14, 2018)
The Cubs made a big splash this week signing Yu Darvish. So after recent injuries and a World Series implosion, what should they expect?
(Feb 10, 2018)
My apologies to the Ken Phelps All Star Team......
(Feb 08, 2018)
An empirical study of offense and attendance.
(Feb 08, 2018)
Sections 109 to 112 of the series.
(Feb 07, 2018)
John previews 2018's Winter Olympics with a projected medal count.
(Feb 07, 2018)
Continuing the series.
(Feb 02, 2018)
Or technically .299500
(Feb 01, 2018)
Entries 99-105 of this series.
(Jan 31, 2018)
John breaks down this Sunday's matchup and why each team's running game will prove key.
(Jan 31, 2018)
Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to this.
(Jan 29, 2018)
In the first of a new series of reader-submitted articles, Martin explores the relationship between bombs and MVP voting.
(Jan 25, 2018)
The results are in. Our contest winner is.....
(Jan 23, 2018)
There's buzz surrounding the newly Hall-eligible Omar Vizquel. But did he flash enough leather across three decades to get in? John takes a closer look.
(Jan 23, 2018)
Three unrelated thoughts. I wouldn't really call them "thoughts".
There are 1631 articles available here.
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