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by Bill James
A discussion regarding the nature of statistical analysis.
(Feb 15, 2019)
1986 is dead and gone, folks.
(Feb 15, 2019)
Posing a question
(Feb 15, 2019)
Second set of articles from the series.
(Feb 15, 2019)
Part One of a possible two-part article
(Feb 14, 2019)
*Trigger warning to fans of the Oakland A's
(Feb 14, 2019)
Beginning a 12-part series. I'll open it up to comments in a couple of days; I just don't like that thing that happens when the discussion gets ahead of the articles and makes a mess of the argument.​
(Feb 12, 2019)
Order the Rookie Football Handbook now!
(Feb 08, 2019)
A quick note on the passing of a legend.
(Feb 07, 2019)
Now that the Super Bowl has come and gone, it's time to scout the NFL draft.
(Feb 04, 2019)
Separating Stars and Super-stars
(Feb 02, 2019)
Nine Pages of Research and 13 pages of rambling about this, that and the other.
(Jan 31, 2019)
Previewing the Super Bowl, John identifies the most important thing each team's offense must do to win on Sunday.
(Jan 31, 2019)
Jane Leavy's got her thing; I got mine.
(Jan 25, 2019)
John recognizes two friends, Bill and Rob, on some recent accomplishments.
(Jan 25, 2019)
...which came between The Georgian Error and the Victorian Error in the UK
There are 1798 articles available here.
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