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(Nov 26, 2021)
The tradition continues. Our 6th annual installment of a Bill James Online member contest.
(Nov 25, 2021)
Another "team" concept article, this time introducing "Fibonacci Peakness Number".
(Nov 20, 2021)
The Bill James Handbook '22 excerpt we've all been waiting for.
(Nov 20, 2021)
This is a fun one! Curious who's most likely to reach a significant milestone or hurl a no-no? Sarah's got you covered.
(Nov 15, 2021)
Giving credit to overlooked seasons of MVP quality.
(Nov 10, 2021)
Some early reflections on a great career.
(Nov 07, 2021)
A lot had to break right for the Braves to win the World Series. Mark highlights a few of the reasons why Atlanta was able to overcome a slow start and crushing injury to win October.
(Nov 07, 2021)
Mark sums up the 2021 Fielding Bible Award winners.
(Nov 07, 2021)
And the rest of the 2021 Fielding Bible Award winners are...
(Oct 24, 2021)
Some revisions to the previous article.
(Oct 23, 2021)
Our favorite time of the year!
(Oct 23, 2021)
The best defensive team in baseball lost over 100 losses. What would their record have been otherwise??​
(Oct 23, 2021)
Looking back at some of the season's biggest surprises!
(Oct 20, 2021)
A 1 to 30 ranking.
(Oct 17, 2021)
Players who tended to "stay in their lane".....
There are 2352 articles available here.
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