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2020 MLB Hitter Projections

July 7, 2020
What kind of numbers can we expect to see in a 60-game season compared to what we’re used to in 162 games?
Mets first baseman Pete Alonso set the MLB rookie home run record by hitting 53 last season. SIS projections for a 162-game season had him hitting 49. Prorating that to 60 games would net him a league-leading 18 home runs. Alonso hitting 20 home runs would certainly not be out of the question. He hit 20 home runs in his first 60 games and in his last 60 games of 2019. SIS projected Alonso to share the MLB lead in RBI this season with Nolan Arenado, with each driving in 122 in a full year. That prorates to 45.

Arenado is tabbed to finish second in Runs Created behind Mike Trout. The 162-game projection was for Trout to record 138 and Arenado 136. Those prorate to 51 and 50 respectively.

Royals shortstop Adalberto Mondesi is projected to steal 42 bases in a full season. That prorates to 16 in a shortened schedule.

The SIS projected leader for batting average is Twins infielder Luis Arraez (.320). Trout’s projected .435 on-base percentage is 28 points higher than the nearest player (Juan Soto) and his .618 slugging percentage is six points better than runner-up Yordan Álvarez.

Normal season, short season, it doesn’t matter. Trout always figures to come out on top.

The projected prorated season stats for MLB leaders are in the chart below.

2020 Projected MLB Leaders

Stat Name Projection
Home Runs Pete Alonso 18
RBI Alonso/Arenado 45
Runs Mookie Betts 43
Hits Charlie Blackmon 71
Doubles Nicholas Castellanos 17
Stolen Bases Adalberto Mondesi 16


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