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2021 Gallery of Renown - Voting Phase

December 18, 2020
Hi all,

Well, it’s time to vote.

For Bill James Online veterans, you'll recognize the "GOR" - The Gallery of Renown. The GOR was created by our late, great friend Bob Gregory (Rgregory1956) back in 2011. The premise is simple: What if the baseball Hall of Fame had begun 50 years sooner than it actually did? What if the first Hall of Fame ballot was sent out in 1885?

If you are ready to vote now, click here to go to the Readers Post thread, where we will collect the votes.  Once there, click on "Reply to Thread", and submit your entry. Remember to submit your ballot in order, like an MVP ballot. List your #1 choice first, then your #2, and so on. Remember to submit a full ballot of 10 names.


A few notes:

• The list is in alphabetical order.

• The number to the left of the player reflects the number of years he’s been on the ballot, including this year.

• If the player finished in the top ten in 2020, it will indicate that to the right of the player’s name.

• You'll vote for ten players, and put them in order like it’s an MVP ballot. Please submit exactly 10 names.

• The scoring is 14 for a 1st place vote, 11 for 2nd, then 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

This year’s ballot:
(year on the ballot indicated to the left of the name, and last year’s finish indicated in parenthesis if in the top 10):
1 David Aardsma 
2 Bobby Abreu 
1 Nathan Adcock 
3 Lance Berkman 
11 Kevin Brown 
1 Mark Buehrle 
1 AJ Burnett 
12 David Cone 
1 Michael Cuddyer 
1 David DeJesus 
7 Carlos Delgado 
2 Adam Dunn 
6 Jim Edmonds 
1 Charlie Furbush 
2 Jason Giambi 
5 Vlad Guerrero (4th
3 Roy Halladay (6th
1 Josh Hamilton 
1 Aaron Harang 
1 Dan Haren 
1 Latroy Hawkins 
4 Todd Helton 
6 Trevor Hoffman 
1 Tim Hudson 
1 Torii  Hunter 
4 Andruw Jones 
7 Jeff Kent 
2 Paul Konerko 
1 Adam LaRoche 
2 Cliff Lee 
11 Kenny Lofton 
4 Jamie Moyer 
8 Mike Mussina (3rd) 
3 Roy Oswalt 
10 Rafael Palmiero 
3 Andy Pettite 
5 Jorge Posada 
1 Aramis Ramirez 
5 Manny Ramirez (7th
1 Alexis Rios 
1 Wandy Rodriguez 
4 Scott Rolen (9th
4 Johan Santana 
9 Curt Schilling (5th
7 Gary Sheffield (10th
1 Grady Sizemore 
1 Rafael Soriano 
9 Sammy Sosa 
1 Nick Swisher 
1 Dan Uggla 
4 Omar Vizquel 
6 Billy Wagner 
11 Larry Walker (8th
10 Bernie Williams 

Note - voting will close December 31st.
Remember – do not vote in this article. If you are ready to vote now, click here to go to the Readers Post thread and submit a post.




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