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October 12, 2018
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The first-to-market, most comprehensive, insightful, and groundbreaking annual baseball book on the market. A must-have gift for every true fan, with lifetime statistics and leader boards for every player in the major leagues and projections for how they might do in the future.

Will ship pre-orders on November 1.


COMMENTS (8 Comments, most recent shown first)

I might have to buy the spiral bound so that, just once, people think I might be a professional SOMETHING.​
12:46 PM Oct 15th
Hadn't thought of that last point by Klamb, which to me would be big.
("Would be" because I already had enough reason without it.)
9:36 PM Oct 13th
I'm of the masses but prefer the spiral because:

1. It stays open to a particular page. And does so without having to break the normal binding, which makes pages vulnerable to becoming loose and falling out.

2. It takes up half as much room when it's open. It you're looking at page 85, say, you flip the front cover until it is face-to-face with the front cover, and page 84 is face-to-face with the tabletop. If the page you want is even-numbered, you flip the back cover (and with it, every page from 85 on).

3. OK, also, probably because when I WAS a professional, a learned to appreciate spiral bindings.

A disadvantage is: on a bookshelf, the spiral bindings all look alike.
7:45 PM Oct 13th
This is right at the limit of spiral bound technology. It really need to be two volumes at this point.​
4:22 PM Oct 13th
Spiral mostly for professionals

Paper for us unwashed masses

The Dewan-James annual is still one of the joys of early November -- with the demise of the Hardball Times books, which also came out same-year, this is all we have until Prospectus and other items appear in Feb-March​
7:19 AM Oct 13th
Sroney: Thanks!
So I guess that's the thing about spiral-bound.

(I like having to work a little to keep a book open. It's part of the experience.) :-)

Paper it is.
1:57 AM Oct 13th
I always get the paperback because of the way it looks on the bookshelf.

But the spiral book will lay flat without any assistance, so you don't have to hold it open while typing or writing something.
11:55 PM Oct 12th
Hey folks: What's better, the paperback or the spiral-bound?
Mostly just curious. I don't see why one would prefer the spiral, but maybe that's because I'm not imagining it right.

(I would have preferred hardcover.) :-)

I see that the spiral is more expensive (a little), which would seem to mean it's better. But all I can think of is that it's the same basic thing but with the spiral binding making it needlessly and awkwardly take up more room on your bookshelf or pile of books.

One who knows that most of you'll get a good laugh about anyone taking the trouble to ask about this kind of thing.

4:20 PM Oct 12th
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