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Brief Leave of Absence

December 7, 2019
I've got two more pieces ready to go, one about music lyrics, the other (related in an odd way) about baseball, and I've had them ready to publish for about a week, but a week ago I had the two top articles, and not wanting to have all four of the four current articles, I decided to wait a bit.
My laptop crashed. I got a boot failure message, and afte a week of consulting with various tech folks, and buying a new laptop, it looks like it will take a thousand or three thousand dollars worth of forensic work to get access to my old hard drive. So while I shop around, and weigh my options (all bad but I'll need to pick one, since I'm working on three books, and seveal articles, that I hadn't backed up in a while), it may be some time before I can post.
Just thought I'd let you know what happened to that Goldleaf fellow.

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Steven Goldleaf
Yeah, it was sheer dumbness and procrastination on my part, delaying the cloud service and the new laptop and all the backup until I was finished grading (in about 10 days) and onto my retirement, so this is a dumbness and procrastination tax.

Thanks to all who offered help (one member just phoned me up to offer his brother-in-law's expert services gratis, dunno how the BIL feels about that, but thanks). Since I'm still employed, I decided to ship the malfunctioning laptop back to NYC where the IT folks will probably have to ship it to their preferred FBI-style forensics lab and bill me for the cost, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

I am no longer sick to my stomach over this mishap, and no longer yelling cursewords (many, many cursewords, Maris) just frustrated. I can compose new articles on the new laptop, of course, so as soon as I think of something, I will share with you all, or as we say where I come from, with all of yuz.
1:51 PM Dec 9th
That stinks. May I suggest using a cloud service to back up your work? Google's is free and secure, and you never lose your work. Been using it for more than a decade.


8:40 PM Dec 8th
Matt, you got that right. I met with a friend in London a couple of weeks ago, and we discovered we are both passionate Kindle converts. We both have hundreds of books on our devices. Mine are sorted into 26 collections, he didn't know what a collection was. To find a book, he has to look at, on average, fifty pages of titles. Unless of course it's only in the cloud, in which case the search space is vastly greater.
3:10 PM Dec 8th
I think this will happen even more in the future. My kid uses devices/computers constantly, but has no clue what "a file" is, let alone a backup. Organizing files to facilitate a backup? "What do you mean? That doesn't make any sense". Users today just make something and it's on the phone or in the cloud and they never have to think about it again. Until it's gone.

11:25 AM Dec 8th
You learned the lesson all us tech folks learn the hard way.
8:37 AM Dec 8th
Early on in the personal computer era, I guess circa early '80's, I read that Jimmy Carter's computer crashed and he lost a day and a half of work.

All I could think of, besides feeling for him, was, what 4-letter word did he scream? :-)

BTW, what 4-letter word did you scream?
C'mon -- we know it was something.
12:58 AM Dec 8th
Hope you ind one that types all the r's.
12:58 AM Dec 8th
Bummer. Been there, a terrible feeling. Good luck.
12:30 AM Dec 8th
Zebra to Alpha 7, mission accomplished.
11:13 PM Dec 7th
I’m sorry to hear that. Please hurry back. Don’t be afraid of owning all of the current articles. BJO members don’t player-hate.
9:32 PM Dec 7th
Good luck, I hope you find a less expensive way to do it. It is sad when you lose all your hard work like that.
8:48 PM Dec 7th
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