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November 23, 2019




            Here’s a fun idea for a game, kind of like football only different.  Suppose that you had a game in which the rule was that after every play, an official would point to one player on the team which "lost" the play and disqualify him from the game—whoever the official judged was most responsible for the failure of the play.   If it was an incomplete pass, you could disqualify the receiver or the quarterback, or occasionally maybe some blocker who failed to protect the quarterback.  If it was a running play that didn’t go anywhere, you might disqualify the running back or a blocker, maybe.   If the other team makes a gain on the play, you disqualify the guy defender who didn’t make a play, whoever that was.  

            The idea of the game, then, is depth; at the end of the game you are playing the 40th, 50th player off the bench.   So the strategy is, you don’t start your best players; you keep your stars on the bench and try to put them in for a few plays at a key moment in the game.   Maybe you disqualify players by the quarter, so that a player who is disqualified in the first quarter gets to try it again in the second quarter, so that you only need six or seven quarterbacks to get through the game. 

            You’re welcome. 

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