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From Sports Info Solutions : The Rookie Football Handbook

February 12, 2019
The newest football book from the group that brought you The Bill James Handbook 

Where are avid fans to look for real information on the rookies who may play for their team—or those of their hated rivals—in the upcoming season?

Here you will find the very best updated info on over 250 players who may be drafted or signed as free agent rookies in 2019 and which of them might ultimately make the best:

  • Quarterbacks (starting and backup)
  • Defensive and Offensive Linemen
  • Receivers, Tight Ends, Running Backs
  • Linebackers, Corners, Safeties
  • Sackers, Blockers, Tacklers, Special Teamers
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Who is the best at each position throughout the history of each major league baseball franchise?

Now Taking the Field provides robust 30-man all-time dream team rosters, selected based on Wins Above Replacement (WAR), traditional statistics, awards, and post-season accomplishments. Additional features for each all-time team include starting lineups, depth charts, comparisons with numerous past authors and fan surveys, and more.

"Fascinating and compelling and a must for any baseball fan. 5 stars!"
-- Roy Firestone, 7-Time Emmy Award Winner with ESPN
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The second book is more timely considering we are having a franchise series. I would be interested in seeing some good reviews of the book if anyone has read it.
10:03 PM Feb 14th
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