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August 6, 2021
             I have been working on an article for the last week; it began with a "Hey, Bill" question, and wound up running 44 pages in 14 different sections.  I have decided to do something a little different with it.  That is, rather than running it as one long article, or running it as 9 pages a day for a week, I am going to post all of it today, but post it as 14 different notes or articles.  A couple of those are only one paragraph, while others would be 8 or 10 pages if printed out. 

            I will publish a list of the 14 sections here, in the order that I had intended them to be read, but you can read them in any order that you want to.   If you read them out of order you may not quite understand something, but you can catch up to it later if you feel the need.  I hope you enjoy the ‘sperience.   These are the 14 sections.  I have posted them so that they should all appear at the same time at 12 o’clock Friday, Boston time, 8 AM San Francisco time.  


              Matching Aces 1—Introduction

            MA-2—So what is a #1 starter, In Representative terms?

            MA-3—Murry Dickson?

            MA-4—The Usual and Ordinary #1s

            MA-5—Jeff Suppan Sandwiches


            MA-7—#1 Starters and the World Series

            MA-8—The Post-2016 Chicago Cubs

            MA-9—The Matchup Data

            MA-10—Bob Bruce and Friends

            MA-11—The Toughest and Easiest Competition

            MA-12—The Guys from 1988

            MA-13—True Levels


                    MA-14--Heroes and Bullies            
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