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MLB All-Star Voting vs. Total Runs Leaders

July 11, 2018

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Sure, just offensive production, no positional adjustment and no defensive contributions whatsoever, would be a better way to choose the NL DH.
2:55 PM Jul 13th
Why bother with a positional adjustment when everyone is competing against people at the same position? Story has more total runs because of that positional adjustment but you want your best hitter at DH, no? So wouldn't total runs without that adjustment be the best way to select an NL DH?​
10:03 AM Jul 13th
Well said.
11:53 AM Jul 12th
Fireball Wenz
I found nothing here to disagree with.
10:10 AM Jul 12th
I find this very difficult to understand
9:43 AM Jul 12th
The premise seems specious.
9:24 AM Jul 12th
What article?
9:14 AM Jul 12th
Short, and to the point.

9:06 AM Jul 12th
I agree. :-)
9:50 PM Jul 11th
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