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November 4, 2020
As the Electoral College board stands as of now, Wednesday at 7 PM eastern time, it looks like it may end up coinciding perfectly with the map I presented to BJOL, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, for dividing the country into two parts and annexing the northern (and western) part to Canada, an idea that's looking better and better to me all the time, even though as a resident of the southeasternmost state, it would present a certain inconvenience to me personally, a burden I'd be glad to undertake, and a sacrifice I'd be thrilled to make:
​Honestly, this seems like a viable solution to all the gnashing of teeth over the insoluable bifurcation of the two cultures the UnUnited States is determined to remain. Admittedly, as a dual citizen of the U.S. and Canada, and proud of each, I would feel more comfortable rather than less with this arrangement, but I think we all--Canadians, Northerners, Confederates, and all the world--would adapt easily to settling our differences by  re-drawing our borders in a fashion such as this.
The one complaint I heard consistently n 2017 concerns the Trump voters in the Northern states (shorthand, of course) and the Biden voters in the South but they'll be free to move to the other country if their political affiliation means more to them than their geographic stability. Again, I think I can speak for them, as I am one of them, and I'd be delighted to have the chance to sell my house in Florida (even at a loss, which is far from certain) to live in a country whose values I generally support rather than to be trapped in a country whose values, at best, I regard with deep suspicion. Perhaps each new country could offer incentives to citizens to relocate within its newly drawn borders.
Apart from that inconvenience to some, this realignment would solve so much so efficiently that I modestly propose (or re-propose) it for your consideration.

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Steven Goldleaf
Damn Georgia! If they wouldn't have messed it up by going for Biden, I would have nailed the two nations perfectly.
6:45 PM Nov 16th
Fireball Wenz
If you noticed how the presidential vote is shifting (Virginia Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Texas moving toward blue, the rust belt moving toward red), you can basically now predict how a state will vote by asking yourself: Is this a place anyone would choose to live or visit?​
1:12 PM Nov 6th
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