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October 13, 2021
             I have gotten some e-mails recently asking about my absence from this site for the last week, and somebody said that he hoped I was only vacation.  I wish!   I wish I was only on vacation.

            The Bill James Baseball Handbook will be available about November 1.   That means it goes to the printer on October 15.  The baseball season ended on October 3.   That means that between October 4 and October 15, we have to write the book.   It’s a bit of a chore. 

            95% of the work of producing the book is done by other people, but I have to try to chip in.  In the past week I have written somewhere between 70 and 100 pages worth of material.  It’s exhausting.  I stay up all night, go to bed in the morning, and mostly I don’t sleep well.  It interferes with my ability to get my exercise done, my ability to eat in a normal and healthy fashion.  It is hard on my dog and my wife, and I really do not have ANY time to give to this site; sorry about that.

            But I’ll be done in a day or two, and I’ll be back on a normal sleep schedule a day or two after that.  Life will resume.  Go Red Sox.  


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I won't even ask if the book will indicate sidearm pitchers.
4:14 PM Oct 18th
Dear OBS,

Thanks for your question. For a hearty autumn soup, I like to include carrots, potatoes, onions, ham, tomatoes, bone broth, and a little cream. Simmer for 45 minutes with your favorite spices. I recommend garlic, salt, and pepper. Nonfat milk and chicken breast can be substituted if you're worried about your cholesterol. I hope that answers your question. Happy Fall!
12:15 PM Oct 18th
HeyBruce, I find your witty website quip to be both whimsical and entertaining, and a refreshing change from the.....previous format. seemed to have deflected my question about your relationship to the legendary Virginia schoolboy first baseman?

Your biggest fan,

3:02 AM Oct 17th
Turns out if you click on the link in my smart alecky comment, you go to a website about floor wax. I’m not making this up.
5:43 PM Oct 16th
Hey Bruce,

Are you related to the mysterious legendary Virginia schoolboy phenom Bruce?


Curious in New Jersey
11:52 PM Oct 14th
No problem, Bill. I’ll hold down the fort. Readers: Just send all questions to me at Hey
10:56 PM Oct 14th
Thank you so much, Bill, for making the Bill James Handbook special. I have been a baseball fan all my life and you continue to create ways of bringing more understanding to the game. I remember the 1972 baseball season and Dick Allen's big year. In Your Batter Score section, it is amazing to me that he created over half of his runs in 26 games. I thought his batting skill was more spread out over the entire season.

Thank you!

Take Care,
your friend Tom Nahigian
5:53 PM Oct 14th
While I am sorry it is hard on you, it is always exciting to know the Handbook will be to me very soon. This is one of the things that makes November a decent month.
11:39 AM Oct 14th
Good luck. Looking forward to reading the book. I hate it when I have a lot of work to do with very little time.

8:07 AM Oct 14th
another good reason to cut the regular season to 150 games, IMHO ;-)
8:03 AM Oct 14th
Bill - plenty for us to discuss and argue about on Reader Posts. You’re cool, no apologies necessary.​
7:43 AM Oct 14th
"""""It is hard on my dog and my wife.......""""

Not to give you more editing work, but ladies first, big guy :-)

4:38 AM Oct 14th
Like everyone else, I'm glad you're well and, as always, look forward to the Handbook. And by all means, yes, Go Red Sox!
4:35 AM Oct 14th
Hang in there Bill. I'll be purchasing the Handbook as soon as it's for sale.
11:27 PM Oct 13th
No apologies necessary, good luck with the work and rest up later. Go Red Sox.
10:13 PM Oct 13th
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