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So What IS a #1 Starter?

August 6, 2021
                       So What IS a #1 Starter, In Representative Terms


A #1 starter is generally but not universally what you would expect to be a #1 starter.  90% of #1 starters are the guys you would think would be #1 starters, and 99% of the guys would think AREN’T #1 starters and not designated as such in this study. 

I happened to notice that, the first four times in his career that Sandy Koufax faced off against a #1 starter, it was Murry Dickson (1956), Murry Dickson (1956), Bob Rush (1956) and Moe Drabowsky (1957). Murry Dickson, Bob Rush and Moe Drabowsky are not the guys you would think of as being #1 starters, so let’s examine why that happened.  


(This turned out to be a lead-in to the article, Murry Dickson?)

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