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February 27, 2023
 I am bad about doing this stuff, but I’m going to be at the MIT/Sloane Conference later this week, Friday and Saturday, and I believe that much of the conference is streamed live, I don’t know.   But this is my schedule for on-stage stuff:


·       Friday

o   Baseball Panel: 830am - 930am

o   Research Papers Judge: 11:30am - 12:30am

·       Saturday

o   The Impact of Moneyball: 20 Years Later Panel: 11am - 12pm

o   The Last of Sports Panel: 4 - 5pm EST


And here, apparentely, are some more details:


Friday March 3, 2023

·       Baseball Panel

o   Time: 8:30am - 9:30am EST

o   Location: 304/306

o   Panelists: Kevin Negandhi (moderator), Bill James, Raul Ibanez, Morgan Sword

o   Abstract: America’s Pastime has undergone significant changes over the past several years as it tries to capture younger audiences and develop them into passionate baseball fans like ones from past generations. Chief among these are rule changes meant to increase the pace, excitement, and competitiveness of the game. This panel convenes Bill James and executives from the MLB league office to discuss the rationale behind these rule changes, its effect on team composition, and the tangible impact that the panelists feel it will have on the game moving forward.

·       Research Papers - you are slated to judge from 11:30am to 12:30am. Below are details on the presentations you will be evaluating and attached are the papers

o   Robust Daily Fantasy Sports: Maximizing Reward via the Robust Optimization Paradigm

o   Estimating Positional Plus-Minus in the NBA

o   A Game Theoretical Approach to Optimal Pitch Sequencing


When I first saw "Robust Daily" I somehow read that as "Robert Durst".  I thought, "What?  Robert Durst is going to be there?  How’d that happen?" 


Saturday March 4, 2023

·       The Impact of Moneyball: 20 Years Later Panel

o   Time: 11am - 12pm EST

o   Location: Ballroom A/B (main stage)

o   Panelists: Jackie MacMullan (moderator), Michael Lewis, Bill James, Shane Battier

o   Description (abstract in process): Gather innovators in the sports analytics world to reflect on the 20 years since Moneyball was published and the impact that it has made on sports, business, and beyond.

·       The Last of Sports Panel

o   Time: 4 - 5pm EST

o   Location: Ballroom A/B (main stage)

o   Panelists: Michele Steele (moderator), Nate Silver, Jessica Gelman, Bill James, Daryl Morey

o   Description (abstract in process): Ideate on what data we want to have available if there were no limitations to what could be tracked, storage, access, etc. The "magic wand" concept. Panel will focus on highlighting what could be in the future as tracking and data capabilities.



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Thanks for the link. Watched Bill on the morning panel; will try to catch the afternoon one, too.
2:08 PM Mar 4th
Wow, making you spend 13 hours judging research papers?!? I would have declined that invitation!
11:37 AM Mar 3rd
If Raul Ibanez wasn't going to be there, I would actually wake up at 8:30am to watch it. I'm still in therapy as a result of Game 3 of the 2012 ALDS.
4:01 AM Mar 2nd
Oh good, Our Bill is going to be up here in the middle of snow storms. He'll enjoy.
11:40 AM Mar 1st
Streaming can be found here on their Youtube channel, I think:
3:36 AM Feb 28th
Shane Battier the basketball player? Interesting.
9:32 PM Feb 27th
I miss the larger font that you used.
6:39 PM Feb 27th
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