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(Sep 03, 2022)
The countdown (and the debate) begins.....
(Sep 02, 2022)
To what extent are Runs Scored and RBI totals created by surrounding hitters?
(Aug 28, 2022)
Kicking off a new series, taking a look at an old friend (franchise all-star teams), but with a twist.​
(Aug 28, 2022)
Responding to Reader's Comments about an earlier article.
(Aug 22, 2022)
How many at bats does it take for a batting average to be meaningful?
(Jul 12, 2022)
Revisiting a "blast from the past"....
(Jul 01, 2022)
The Guardians are riding their defense to unexpected success this season.
(Jul 01, 2022)
Mark explains how the Braves' aggressive approach at the plate is working out for them so far in 2022.
(Jul 01, 2022)
Looking for players with "6 positives".....
(Jun 21, 2022)
What do the first games of Oneil Cruz and Riley Greene reveal about where their teams are going?
(Jun 11, 2022)
Looking mostly at the effects of expansion on the relative quality of play over time.
(Jun 09, 2022)
Comparing the leagues by the number and quality of stars in the league.
(Jun 08, 2022)
The effects of integration on the relative strength of the two leagues.
(Jun 07, 2022)
A second method to evaluate the strength of a league.
(Jun 06, 2022)
Using the All Star Game and the World Series to compare the leagues.
There are 2222 articles available here.
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