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(Nov 30, 2020)
It's the process ITSELF that doesn't work.
(Nov 29, 2020)
a return to the nutty ideas that would get me thrown from a moving vehicle
(Nov 22, 2020)
The following is an excerpt from The 2021 Bill James Handbook. All stats are as of the end of the 2020 regular season.
(Nov 22, 2020)
The tradition continues. Our 5th annual installment of a Bill James Online member contest.
(Nov 21, 2020)
The following essay is part of The 2021 Bill James Handbook, available now at ACTASports.com.
(Nov 21, 2020)
Did a recent NBA champ just win the draft? In his inaugural BJOL article, Jake Loos takes a look at the steal of this year's draft.
(Nov 18, 2020)
An unexpected comparable for an underrated outfielder.
(Nov 12, 2020)
Thoughts on the White Sox decision to hire Tony LaRussa.
(Nov 11, 2020)
If your account came up for renewal recently, you might want to read this.
(Nov 10, 2020)
Will any active player knock Tris Speaker off the doubles throne?
(Nov 04, 2020)
re-posting an article from 2017
(Oct 30, 2020)
Sometimes a guy is More than Most.
(Oct 29, 2020)
A mere year-and-a-half late in getting to "Part Two"
(Oct 27, 2020)
Warm up the showers.
(Oct 25, 2020)
I skipped the end of Game 4. That's a problem.
There are 2332 articles available here.
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